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Episode 1571: The Crystals, Cracked


Crystals are very science fictiony, but also very fantastic at the same time. So they can pop up in any sort of genre story, and represent pretty much anything. Data, magical power, antimatter reaction stabilisers, portals to another time or dimension, immense wealth, imprisoned souls, an alien language, gadgets that keep your drinks cool. It all works!

So they're a great choice of item if you want something mysterious, which clearly plays an important role in the plot, but which the characters will have no idea about until they figure them out.

Well, of all the things that the crystals could have turned out to be, they turned out to be... data.

So Palpatine, the more-or-less good guy of this story, brought around at least a decade of peace and prosperity. Named "Emperor for life" (by whom? What group is using him as a puppet to install a nondemocratic dictatorship?), he destroys the Senate and the democracy.

Okay, so all of my thoughts about what her father would wind up being are just plain wrong. Bria knows the difference between her biological father, and the one that raised her as his daughter. I could go back, and correct all of my past incorrect assumptions at this point.

All right. For 1566: I had said that Bria's view was basically, "I can't stand him, but we're family". That no longer holds. The one she cannot stand is now known to be different than the one that raised her.

Next is 1568. Actually, there's not much dealing with the father/daughter in that comment.

1569... even that doesn't rely on the father/daughter issue.

1570... Ok, so, I thought I had some views on "I'm forced to work with someone that I love and hate". But instead, "I hate him" is an entirely different person than "I love him, he rescued me".

I still cannot make sense of Jabba's goals. Heck, Jabba doesn't look like Jabba. He looks like a person in a rubber suit with tentacles on it. We've seen enough screencaps now that I really have to wonder what this... thing really is. I mean, we've seen a younger Jabba in the director's cut of Episode IV. We've seen other members of his family, at different ages, in the various Disney series.

Either he's a shape shifting tentacle blob, or he's an imposter pretending to be Jabba, or... hmm. The queen had a stand-in; does Jabba have a stand-in?

— Keybounce

So they were data crystals. Interesting.

Unfortunately for the GM, Jim is apparently not too great at reading out pre-canned exposition. To play it safe, he probably should have coached him a bit beforehand.

This is generally a good idea if you want a player to do something very specific for the sake of the story. Take the aside before that session and review the speech or whatever to make sure they're comfortable with it and know how things are supposed to flow.

There's still a minuscule chance it'll actually come out the way you intended, but there's no harm in trying.

— aurilee


Kyle: Those crystals that a platoon of my henchmen recovered. I've had them analysed.
Bria: What are they?
Kyle: They're Imperial data crystals. Containing Imperial... data.
Bria: Well that's crystal clear.
Kyle: Amongst other things, they reveal what your father - your biological father - has been up to with the Empire.
Bria: My father?! That scum.
Kyle: Of course, you know the whole background of the rise of the Empire...
Kyle: 19 years ago, after the Jedi insurgency was quashed, Chancellor Palpatine ushered in an age of peace and prosperity.
Kyle: With his term about to end, the public demanded that Palpatine be named Emperor for life, which he very humbly accepted.
Kyle: Let's see here: "Read this in a dramatic voice."
GM: Not the bits in italics.

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Published: Tuesday, 07 November, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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