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<     Episode 1570: Through Caverns Measureless to Man     >

Episode 1570: Through Caverns Measureless to Man


Hot tip: If you're in a cell, you always need to get out of there quickly. The adventure is going on around you, time is ticking away, the bad guys are getting on with their plans, while you're sitting there wasting time.

Also, the cell itself is never a good place to be. Rats (hence rolls to save versus Disease). Starvation (hence levels of Exhaustion). And your fellow PCs (hence bickering over whose fault it is you ended up in here).

Jabba's a shapeshifter?

Jabba... is a shapeshifter?

A shapeshifter chose to look like Jabba? What an eccentric fellow.

Or, do Hutts just have limited shapeshifting abilities that allow them to change between various large and slimy forms?

And, because it's been a few strips, Cassian has once again decided to be helpful! This guy. Seriously.

At least Chirrut is there.

— aurilee

Hmm. So is Jabba in this universe some sort of shape shifter? He's talking about a new form, less writhing, more corpulent. So he's not as flexible in shape as Schlock is, but he's clearly more flexible than the typical bony type.

I wonder how much this increased shape shifting ability extends to all of the Hutts. Or why, if they can adjust shape so much, all of the others (at least in Disney's stuff) all look about the same except size.

Still, it ends with the players now knows that they need to do what they were doing anyways, so that's clearly a step in the right direction, right?

— Keybounce


Bodhi: Uuugh.
[SFX]: slkrurgl
[SFX]: squlch
Jabba: I shall away back to my Pleasure Dome. Fetch Baba and Evazan!
Jabba: I conceive a new form is in order. A less writhing, more corpulent experience!
Jabba: O, and fling this unappreciative space-Philistine unto the cells. Lo!
{back to cell with Cassian}
Bodhi: And here I am. Still shaking slime out of my ears.
Cassian: So... Jabba left in a hurry?
Bodhi: I guess.
Cassian: We need to get out of this cell.
Chirrut: You mean, do the thing that we were trying to do anyway?

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Published: Sunday, 05 November, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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