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<     Episode 2492: And Flower, You’re the Chosen One

Episode 2492: And Flower, You’re the Chosen One


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Some people like to use dice trays or box lids to ensure their dice don't roll off the table when rolling.

This is no fun at all.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Left hand? An interesting choice; looks like that's a mirror of both Luke and Anakin. There's a couple different ways to try and interpret that I think. In the movie it'd be a way to show that Rey isn't exactly following the same path as her relatives. In the comic, Snoke might be thinking that Rey is too sinister for the Dark Side as well as being too pretty, so losing the sinister hand will provide some room for the Dark Side.

Sally has gotten better though; it's only under the sofa this time. Maybe. Under the sofa is much better than in the ceiling or in fish tanks for me either way. Perhaps Pete needs to figure out how to make a fair d20 pop-o-matic dice roller or something as a silly penalty for having the dice leave the table.


Kylo Ren: She’ll never talk.
Kylo Ren: Why don’t you remove her hand yourself? So much more satisfying.
Snoke: Good idea, Ren. Let’s start with the left.
Snoke: I won’t even bother getting up. I use Rey’s sword telekinetically!
GM: Okay, uh... roll Force Manipulate.
Snoke: No problem! <roll>
[SFX]: clatter clatter
General Hux: You still roll dice off the table when you’re excited.
Snoke: I think it went under the sofa!
GM: Well, while Sally is looking for her die...
GM: Poe and Connix see the Raddus turning to face the Supremacy.
[SFX]: pow! {the Supremacy fires again}
[SFX]: boom! {another shuttle blows up}
Poe: Oh man! Everyone’s going to die heroically except me!
Kaydel Ko Connix: You have some strange fixations. What would your mother say?

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Published: Tuesday, 16 July, 2024; 02:11:03 PDT
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