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<     Episode 1798: Nadir of the Xeroxed Mark

Episode 1798: Nadir of the Xeroxed Mark


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NEWS: The Irregular Webcomic! forums are back up and running. I had to install a new version of the forum software from scratch, and import the old data. This means the old graphical customisations are all gone, so the forums look different now. But at least its working! Phew.

See this forum news post for further info.

It's good to have a simple thing to do during down time in a game, waiting for other players to do stuff. Some players like to doodle on their character sheet. But you can use the time for something more productive, if you have the inclination. If you're a doodler, take clean sheets of paper and a bunch of art supplies.

Maybe then the slowpoke players will get the hint...


Luke: So do I drop my sword?
GM: <roll> Worse, you must have left it on the ship.
Luke: I'll be right back!
GM: While he's away, the clone Mark appears, in a tuxedo and straw hat.
Mark: {singing} Fate is kind. She brings to power lust, the sweet fulfilment of that secret longing.
Chewbacca: That is a terrible, terrible lyric. Here, try this. And let me grab my guitar.
GM: You wrote a song?
Chewbacca: I didn't have much else to do while Chewbacca was waiting on Kashyyyk to be kidnapped.
R2-D2: Wait. You wrote an actual song just now?
Chewbacca: You say that like it's hard or something.
R2-D2: Touché.

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Published: Sunday, 17 November, 2019; 02:11:15 PST
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