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<     Episode 1569: A Sense of For-Bodhing     >

Episode 1569: A Sense of For-Bodhing


If you're going to play out a GM exposition scene, try to make it entertaining. Lots of acting and sound effects can definitely help. Particularly if they're disgusting.

Last time, I said:

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Jabba wants to take over, possibly even displace the Empire. ... So the idea that Jabba is making a controlling move, and overplaying his hand, isn't that far off. This would mean that Jabba knows his number two is dealing with the rebels, and not the highest bidder, deliberately to try to weaken both sides, leaving room for his takeover.

Now, we find that it's not that simple. The Empire has backstabbed Jabba, and Jabba is first taking it out on the Empire's poor [color=white] sucker [/ScratchSpeek], and is now taking action against the Empire in return. How? Well, helping the Rebels would be the obvious way, but he's giving the Rebels a hard time as well.

Hmm. What is Jabba likely to know at this point?

  1. The Empire has betrayed him.
  2. His number 2 has connections to the Rebellion.
  3. He can help the Rebellion, and weaken the Empire.
  4. If he makes it too easy for the Rebels, ... ???
  5. Why is he being mean to the Rebels here anyways?
  6. Perhaps he knows that his number 2 has an adopted daughter? And recognized her from pictures?
  7. Maybe he wants to get some promise from his number 2?
  8. But "Umm, she's my daughter?" was a last-second concept from the player - not planned by the GM - so what was the GM's original plan, and how fast of a thinker is this GM in coming up with this concept?

Questions, questions...

What was the GM's original thinking, and what sort of on-the-fly adjustment is the GM doing now? And, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of "I'll make sure both sides wipe each other out so my family and I can move in afterwards" as Jabba's actual goal here.

— Keybounce

Ah, classic Jabba. Really all I was looking forward to here.

In-story, this would be Jabba's first "not that I have any ____" line. And also his first dramatic soliloquy!

There's not much else to say about this, except that it's fabulous.

And that Hutts have a very odd lifecycle that involves their tentacles shrinking into stubby little arms, and their eyes quadrupling in size in a matter of weeks. Someone should write a paper on that.

— aurilee


Bodhi: {voice over} "When I handed over the sealed payment letter, it wasn't what Jabba was expecting."
Jabba: {flashback} I am not happy. And that is among the very worst things that can happen.
Jabba: But lo! I do respect their audacity. 'Twas most artfully done!
Jabba: Alas, it bodes ill for you...
[SFX]: squelch
Bodhi: What? Wait! Don't shoot the messenger!
Jabba: O ho ho! There's no need for me to shoot you.
Bodhi: No! Not the slime!
[SFX]: schlupp
[SFX]: slurrm
Jabba: This is the finest phlegm you'll ever savour. O! To live the dreams of one who has not yet known it all!
[SFX]: slkrorp
Bodhi: Arrgh!!
Jabba: O, how I wish I was in your shoes!
[SFX]: glrurgl
[SFX]: sklrirch
Jabba: Not that I have feet.

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Published: Thursday, 02 November, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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