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Episode 1568: Great Expectorations


The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Players might assume that they are though.

Just a thought for the cunning GM...

It's Jabba!

I... think?

He looks more... tentacly in his... young age...

Well, it's still Jabba. And he's still a magnificent conversationalist. I hope we get more of him soon.

As for this Empire guy... either leave him to rot, use him then kill him (or give him back to Jabba), or help him escape and turn him to your side. Chirrut/Pete would likely take #1 or #2, Cassian seems like he's a #3 kind of guy. The 3rd option is ideal, but is also the riskiest, and requires the PCs to be good judges of character.

I predict #2, with loud protests from Cassian.

— aurilee

This... is Jabba?

Okay, so Jabba is working for the Empire. The rebels are trying to get some weapons from Bria's contact, a.k.a. her dad, a.k.a. Jabba's number two. Jabba is still working for the highest bidder. Now we have a Empire person in a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern situation - sent to Jabba, and turned into... something.

If Jabba is supposed to be a businessman, then backstabbing a person paying him is a horrible behavior. It's a great way to make sure the Empire never does any business with him again, leaving him to rot alone on a desert planet - oh wait, that's exactly what happens. And if the rebels are trying to deal with Jabba, when he is behaving like this, either they know that Jabba has decided to switch sides, or they're in for a nasty shock.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Jabba wants to take over, possibly even displace the Empire. Could he possibly have a fleet of ships, connections all over the galaxy, and actually think that he can take out the clone army? Oh right. The clone army was taken out. The separatists are gone. The idea that at the end of campaign three, a new upstart could possibly take over the entire place with the right backing isn't so far-fetched. And we've seen from the Disney TV series (what's the plural of "series"?) that the Hutt family is spread out and well-connected.

So the idea that Jabba is making a controlling move, and overplaying his hand, isn't that far off. This would mean that Jabba knows his number two is dealing with the rebels, and not the highest bidder, deliberately to try to weaken both sides, leaving room for his takeover.

But, if that was happening, the rebels will not be tossed into jail here.

Sadly, it looks like Jabba is following the standard evil overlords rules and having incompetent assistants.

— Keybounce


Cassian: Look, maybe we can help each other. Can you reach the lock of your cell?
Bodhi: Okay, I'll be clear. I'm not on your side.
Chirrut: So why are you in a cell?
Bodhi: The Empire sent me here to deliver payment to Jabba for services rendered. Or so I thought.
Jabba: {flashback} You Empire types are cowards.
[SFX]: squilch
Bodhi: The negotiations were long. And slimy.
{enter flashback}
Jabba: What's the big deal? It's just expectoration. You humans spit on your hand to seal a deal, right?
Bodhi: Wait! I have to give you the payment first.
[SFX]: slruurpl
[SFX]: skkrllplp
Jabba: Ah! Let us return to this later! I shall chew something mucagenic whilst we converse!

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Published: Tuesday, 31 October, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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