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Episode 1572: Dramatis Palpitae


Sometimes as the GM you'll drop an important piece of background information in casual conversation using an NPC, because it's cool to do this in such a way that it gets introduced subtly, and watch how the players pick up on, realise it's significant, and then react to the revelation.

Except of course most of the time the players will obliviously ignore it and concentrate on some other trivial thing that has nothing to do with your intended campaign or adventure plot whatsoever. So have a back-up plan.

See, I had figured that we just skipped the opening text crawl because of the whole flashback premise, but apparently the GM didn't do one this time.

Kind of funny how all the players rolled up Rebels when they didn't even know what they were rebelling against.

I guess they assumed it was some other Empire with no relation to the Republic led by Palpatine.

And of course, Sally asks the most important question: Where is Jar Jar?

— aurilee

Voice = Picard:
Read this, in, a Dramatic voice.
However, a majority of the Senate...
GM: What about the dramatic voice?
Player: That was the last bit.

Ahh, yes. The literal player. Clearly, Annie, the stage performer, should have been given this bit. But that would mean Cassian would be an informed character.

As a GM, you need to give players background information. If you find that they don't listen to your normal opening monologue, put it in-game somehow. But if you give people big surprises to the point that they actually didn't understand something like what government they live under, don't be surprised when they do stupid things.

Actually, just don't be surprised when PCs do stupid things :-)

Sally is concerned that Palpatine will be tricked; Pete is concerned it will be by the Senate. Don't worry, Vader will see to it that Palpatine gets rid of the Senate. No one else will trick Palpatine while Vader's around. Note that Annie, who knows about Padmé becoming Vader, is only concerned about the existence of the Senate.

With no buffer, I can actually use what aurilee just said. Yes, reviewing with the person speaking will help to increase the chance that it will be performed correctly. But this only works until the person sees a tribute to the dead on the shoulders of an outsider, at which point cultural rage can take over. When this happens, it is your job as GM to make sure that the "Really Good Threat" actually comes to pass :-)

— Keybounce


Chirrut: Wait wait wait... Empire? Palpatine is Emperor for Life??
Cassian: Bria mentioned an Empire earlier, but I thought...
Cassian: What happened to the Republic?
K-2SO: Can they actually hear what Kyle's saying?
GM: No, but this is stuff all your characters know. I thought I'd try having Jim read some of the adventure background.
K-2SO: But Anakin tricked Palpatine! Someone else could make him do bad things again.
Cassian: Is the Senate still there?
Chirrut: That's exactly who would corrupt Palpatine.
K-2SO: Are Jar Jar and Bail Organa still leading the Rebellion?
GM: How about we just let Jim continue.
Kyle: Okay.
Kyle: However, a majority of the Senate—
GM: What about the dramatic voice?
Kyle: I already read that bit.

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Published: Thursday, 09 November, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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