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Episode 1573: Jimfodump


A majority of the Senate.

A majority of the Senate.

As much as the first paragraph on this page says, "Still corrupted by Anakin", let's take a look at what we are actually seeing.

1571: "the public demanded that Palpatine be named Emperor for life"
1572: "is the Senate still there?" / "That's exactly who would corrupt Palpatine"
1573: "a majority of the Senate, still corrected by Anakin's influence, resented this move" / "Senators Jar Jar Binks, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma now lead the rebellion against the Senate"

So let's see here. The majority of the Senate feel one way, and Jar-Jar etc. are leading the Rebellion against the Senate.

At a minimum, we are back to what we had at the beginning of Episode III. An opening narration, that while not accurate, is what people think happened.

So what seems to have actually happened?

  1. Public demand for Palpatine to continue.
  2. A majority of the Senate did not want this to happen.
  3. It happened anyways.

So who is really running the, "Galactic Republic"? Who is the hidden power, the phantom menacing against peace and prosperity, creating an empire to strike back against some unknown... I don't know, maybe some old betrayal? Just how much power will the Hutts wind up having, and how much did they learn from seeing the Sand People armed for rebellion in Episode I?

More to the point, what is the Rebellion's actual goal? What is the actual current state of the Senate? As time has gone on (remember, it's 19 years after Episode III, and probably at least 15 years after the end of Palpatine's term in office - so half a generation of his time as Emperor for life, with new senators elected who apparently still oppose him), is it like some real-world "democracies" where party loyalty rather than public opinion is what determines your appointment? Is there real public opposition? Is it a well monitored police state?

Seriously, this raises far more questions than it answers.

Moral: if you thought world building was hard for an RPG setting, or even making a consistent economic setting, try building politics.

— Keybounce


Palpatine was awesome, which made everyone basically hand him an Empire.

Then the Senate was all "No, we're evil and therefore want to get rid of the benevolent dictator".

Then the Rebels were all "No, bad Senate, Palpatine was chosen by the people and stuff"?

Because right now it looks like the Rebels are actually on Palpatine's side in protecting him from the Senate.

Darth Vader is really a non-entity at this point then, if the Rebels truly think the Senate is the problem.

Does Vader make an appearance here? That could be an interesting reveal of "Fools! You should have been worried about me! Not that pathetic Senate!".

— aurilee


Kyle: However, a majority of the Senate, still corrupted by Anakin's influence, resented this move and plotted to overthrow Palpatine.
Kyle: Senators Jar Jar Binks, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma now lead a Rebellion against the Senate to restore democracy and peace.
Kyle: As always, my neutral Partisans aren't taking any sides.
Jabba: Kyle, I take my leave for my Pleasure Dome. Hold the fort while I'm gone.
Kyle: Except Jabba's side, of course.
Jabba: Not that I have sides.
Kyle: Over the years, the Empire has been rapidly building up its military might.
Jabba: And hasn't that been good for us? So far, so far at least! Oh, the thrill! The delicious irony!
Bria: I can't believe you work with this scum, Kyle! You're just like my real father. Tell me, how deep does the betrayal go?
Kyle: Just let me keep reading and I'll find out.

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Published: Sunday, 12 November, 2017; 02:11:01 PST.
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