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Episode 2336: Role Call


Cultivating a reputation for well-researched and logical argument is really valuable. Moreso when you have a GM who actually listens to you!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Bwahahaha, this guy again!? And here I figured that he was just a minor figure in the overall scheme of the previous episode! I can't even think of a good reason he'd be showing up in the movies again! It's like the Rebellion calling up Jar Jar Binks, except that Kanata actually makes an appearance! And what a face to use for the reintroduction as well.

If Kanata hadn't actually shown up, I'd have said the GM dropped the ball here. Ben might usually always be the sensible one, but Rose is talking now and she's not exactly a sensible character. That all said, the GM could turn it around on them very easily. Any of Pete's characters would have specified an encrypted or secret transmission of some kind. Now the First Order can know where they're going to be and skip all the busywork of tracking the group! Not what would happen in the movie of course; that might be a little too much exposition for an explanation when just following the spaceships would do. And since Kanata's shown up again for some reason, maybe I should expect the group to end up in another bar at some point? Possibly as an "end of movie" scene or something.

Hm! This is also another interesting tech improvement. I almost didn't realize it, but while it's still a grainy image like the other holograms we've seen before, it's noticeably in color! And rather large! Sure, Snoke had a very impressive hologram, but that was basically the only thing in the room. This is something the size of a table. And sure, it's probably just a design choice for the scene, but a wall display or a small hologram would have worked just as well for the story side of things.


C-3PO: We need someone who knows this Galaxy like the back of their hand.
Finn: If only we knew where Darth Kanata went.
Allan: We don’t need to know where he is. We’ll just call him!
GM: How are you—
Rose: Sounds like a great idea! That’ll work!
GM: Really?? Hmm. Okay... You place the call and Darth Kanata answers.
GM: Sally, that’s you.
Darth Kanata: You let Ben get away with that?
GM: I learnt not to fight Ben’s logic a long time ago.
Rose: Fourteen years of groundwork playing the sensible one pays off!
Darth Kanata: Fourteen years of being insufferable, you mean.

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Published: Tuesday, 18 July, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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