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Episode 1985: Holo Snoke!


Villains should always be very clear about their instructions to their underlings. Don't leave any room for interpretation or misinterpretation.

In an ideal world this also applies to bosses of heroes - but that wouldn't make a very open-ended adventure scenario now, would it?

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Oh my. The Phantom Menace. Disappearing, like a Phantom, leaving an air of Menace. Like a Clone of a hologram...

Yea, the Jar Jar Sith theory is alive and well here.

So who exactly is Snoke, that he talks to Lord Ren as an equal, if not superior? Well, let's see. Both are working for Nute Gunray. "Lord Ren" is head of the military, with lots of generals and troops. "Administrator Snoke" seems to be in charge of the civilian aspects of life, and more, in this strip is giving orders to Lord Ren.

So this is a society where the civilian head/side of society outranks the military head/side of society. That's actually a decent setup. Civilian control of the big military, the War Peace Moons, and everything nice and happy.

And what is Snoke doing? Trying to get rid of a terrorist organization that is threatening the continued existence of a stable, if repressive, civilian government. Compare that to Lord Ren's military destruction of a peaceful village.

Yea, let's make Snoke the good guy of this movie. Combine this with Jar Jar, Force user for the greater good.

Now, lets take a look back at Krennic and Galen. That's... back in #1617 and #1622. Galen, the father of a Jim character. Hold on - Snoke knows that Krennic killed Galen. Given the massive destruction that happened there, how did Snoke find out about Krennic's deed?

I'm sure we'll find out eventually.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oooooo! If that's what holograms look like now, that's another sign that the tech level in Star Wars is actually improving. And wow, I wasn't expecting an enlarged holographic display as the puppeted equipment! If you merged all 4 reaction faces together, that'd be close to what I had on mine seeing the fade away panels. I think all of the other previous projections have all been the same height or smaller compared to the original. I'm slightly disappointed though; having giant people would be another new interesting "alien" to the tentacle monster Rathtars.

And that's very interesting that the First Order is still working on something named "Black Alpha". On one hand, I'm pretty sure this is something the Irregulars invented back in Episode IV. On the other hand, I think I recall that they were working in potential plot-hooks or story details for Episode VII back when The Jedi Reloaded was being created, so maybe there's something similar in the new movies? I can't think of any other reasons it'd be brought up so prominently here.


Snoke: And speaking of Black Alpha, how did it perform on Tatooine?
Kylo Ren: It cut through some of the sand interference, but needs more time for development.
Snoke: If only that fool Krennic hadn’t killed Galen Erso...
Kylo Ren: Administrator?
Snoke: Don’t ask questions! What am I, your servant?! Find Solo! Find Amidala! Destroy the Jedi!!
GM: Snoke’s image fades away like a phantom, leaving an air of menace in the chamber.
Finn: Ooh, Snoke was a hologram?
Rey: Either that or an actual phantom.
BB-8: Or a hologram of a phantom.
Yanni: Or a clone of a hologram of a phantom!

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Published: Tuesday, 20 April, 2021; 02:11:13 PDT.
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