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Episode 2335: The Fake is a Lie


Admitting you're wrong or you've done something wrong is something that PCs in a game rarely, if ever, do.

So try it sometime! Have your characters freely admit to something that they did. And watch your GM be speechless as they try to process how NPCs would react to that.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hm! Good on Finn for following up on Allan's (and probably still Poe's) slip of the tongue. I think Finn should have pushed a little more on that suspicion, but perhaps there aren't enough movie panels for that to happen here. Or maybe we're going to get a better situation later where that can come to light. I could see that as a use to explain Finn being unreasonably angry with Allan later or as a way to have added tension to a scene that was probably missing it.

Interesting that Rose is standing next to Allan here. Whatever they're all talking or arguing about, it's putting her on the same side, at least in appearance. That's fascinating. I almost wonder if Finn is being called out for previous traitorous actions as that'd parallel nicely with Edgar/Allan/Poe's deception.


Finn: Wait. You mean to say you’re not really Edgar?
Edgar: Did I say that? I mean... I guess... Yeah, well, fair cop. I suppose I should own up.
Finn: You’re Allan and you faked your death and claimed to be “Edgar”.
Allan: Yes. Right. Yes. That is exactly what I meant.
Allan: My dead twin Poe would be ashamed of me.
BB-8: He always was the ethical one.
Allan: Hey, I have ethics!
Allan: Anyway, now that that’s sorted, where are we going to find a casino to knock over?

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Published: Sunday, 16 July, 2023; 02:11:08 PDT.
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