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Episode 2334: The Twin Die Lemma


Faking your death is a common trope in fiction. It's a somewhat interesting way to achieve certain goals such as going incognito for a while and avoiding attention from the wrong sort of people, and so often used in stories.

But it's much more rarely used in roleplaying games. Most players tend to go for an action approach, and faking your own death is a bit counter to that mindset.

So maybe consider it some time. If your character needs to evade hunters or the law or whatever, try faking their death and see how your GM goes with it.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Whoops, I think Edgar's facade is slipping a bit there! Not that it wasn't obvious already with Edgar suddenly taking Allan's place. Allan being Poe is more hidden, but I do remember a few reasons I thought of for why Poe could have survived the crash anyway.

And this handily explains why C-3P0 would stay behind in the comic. Assuming I've guessed right that we've got a military raid of some kind soon, this would be a good reason she wouldn't come with them in this case. Though on the other hand, Threepio was rather skittish and already wandered through a bunch of dangerous places before that probably shouldn't have had a protocol droid, so maybe that's not actually a completely comic-original line.


C-3PO: This plan... Someone needs to stay here where it’s relatively safe... I mean, to look after Leia.
Edgar: She can look after herself.
C-3PO: She’s in critical condition! That last attack was dangerously reckless. The First Order must really want her dead.
Edgar: So let them think that she died. She can pretend to be her own twin, just like I did!
Finn: Like you did??
Edgar: Yeah. It’s a completely reliable trick.
BB-8: You know Leia’s twin is Luke?
Edgar: Hmm. She could wear a disguise. False beard.
Rey: I didn’t think Jim could make this plan any better, but once again I am proven wrong.

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Published: Thursday, 13 July, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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