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Episode 2333: In This Galaxy, You Gotta Make the Money First


Why settle for a bad plan when you can make a terrible one?

Why settle for a terrible plan when you can make a horrendous one?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh this is going to be great. We get to have an Ocean's Eleven plot! I bet the casino workers are going to look suspiciously like First Order people as well. And this feels like the point where the comic is going to mostly diverge from the movie plot as well. Like how Cloud City had the oppressed droid underclass, Chewie fixing Threepio wrong, and Nute's takeover all happen without having to show much to make it work.

It really makes me wonder what kind of environments we're going to end up seeing in the rest of the film. I'd guess we'd end up on Tatooine yet again, except Episode V didn't revisit the planet. Maybe we will end up on a large space station of some kind? One that's obviously space-station-like anyway; the Peace Moon doesn't really count for that in my book. Cloud City wasn't technically a space station, being inside a planet's atmosphere, but it definitely had the feel of one. Or a volcanic area perhaps? That could make for a very neat story backdrop, and would also fit as a flashy military base. A military base of some kind seems like it'd make more sense to have as the next movie place to steal from attack at least.


Edgar: ... redirect the ships for delivery!
Finn: Okaaay. Steps 2 and 3, maybe. But step 1. How do we get a lot of money?
Rose: We gamble!!
Edgar: Nooo... Too risky.
C-3PO: That part’s too risky?
Edgar: We steal it.
C-3PO: Ah, there we go.
Finn: From where?
Edgar: Somewhere they have lots of money... A casino!
BB-8: So. Our plan is to sneak out from under the noses of enemies who are tracking our every move.
BB-8: Go to a place with ultra-high security specifically to guard large amounts of cash.
BB-8: And steal large amounts of cash.
Rose: Count me in!
Edgar: I like this lady!

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Published: Tuesday, 11 July, 2023; 02:11:03 PDT.
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