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Episode 2262: The Final Touchdown


Heroic adventurers are expected to take some risks. It would hardly be an exciting profession worthy of simulating in a game if they never took risks, would it?

So as a GM, you need to let players take risks sometimes, without necessarily having the fatal consequences that would occur to normal or realistic people. Derring-do and swashbuckling can be rewarded with daring escapes and one-in-a-million successes.

Don't be afraid to let players get away with crazy, risky stuff now and then. But not all the time...

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hang on a minute. Why would there be a mention of needing the hyperdrive modulator for what's highly likely a comic-only problem? And also specifically being the second modulator that was picked up in the previous movie. I've been informed since the last comic update that Episode VIII is actually directed by others than the ones(?) who did Episode VII, and a small detail like that now feels like it'd get left behind. Is this meant to be a set-up to cover an upcoming plot hole where it'd be needed but wasn't mentioned? Is the whole modulator idea a plot hole patch of its own? At the same time though, there's enough visual evidence to suggest that it does exist in some form, like the mouth ship escape, Han's flying to the Peace Moon-movie-name, and the whole second cone-finding scene. There's gotta be like one or two major details I'm missing about this whole thing now that all this info doesn't fit as neatly together.

Jim should have played up the "X-wing flambé" that happened after he destroyed the last gun turret if he'd wanted to actually have a chance of crashing. And possibly the fact BB-8 shorted a bunch of things out with his head to get the X-wing guns working again. Heck, it even looks like it's still trailing smoke or coolant in the middle big panel; springing a leak in the throttle control or fuel lines or something would have been perfect. Maybe Jim should take some lessons from Pete on how to make the game more difficult for himself.


BB-8: Can we clear out the chaff so we can activate the hyperdrive?
GM: It’ll take time.
Leia: Screw that! We’ve installed that hyperdrive modulator that Rey stole from the Peace Moon. We go the second you guys are docked.
C-3PO: Is that wise?
Leia: Live fast, you gotta expect some scratches. Our armour should stand up to some chaff.
GM: Allan’s X-wing is last into the hangar.
[SFX]: Skreeee...! {the X-wing pulls up into a dangerous-looking stall inside the hangar}
Hangar Crew Member 1: Look out!
Hangar Crew Member 2: Heads up!
Hangar Crew Member 3: He’ll kill us all!
Leia: Punch it!
[SFX]: Whoooosh!
Allan: I still gotta land this thing! On a moving target! That’s moving at lightspeed!
C-3PO: Yes, but so are you.
Allan: So it’s twice as hard! 18!
GM: You land without further complications.
Allan: Awww.

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Published: Thursday, 26 January, 2023; 01:11:06 PST.
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