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<     Episode 2122: Learning to Fly; Time; Dark Side of the Moon; The Wall     >

Episode 2122: Learning to Fly; Time; Dark Side of the Moon; The Wall


Sometimes you just need to save a group of ill-advised heroes from certain death. When you do so, convert them into a situation of near certain death.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hmmmm. While this is a nicely dramatic moment, going into slow motion for this part of throwing the lever or whatever it's called doesn't feel quite right for a movie. Unlike the previous instance of slow motion with the Falcon, there's hardly any visual component to see for time slowing down besides Han making a funny face to go along with a stretched out sentence or something. And it can't be the modulator either, because then the time-slow should have already happened or been noted earlier.

So in the movie, I think, there was likely some uncertainty about the modulator allowing the ship to get this close to the Peace Moon, but no slowdown here. Time slowing as a plot point is a pretty good one though, and starting from what's probably an actual slowdown would be a cool twist.

And in the comic, Chewie has an exceptionally incredulous face in his last panel. I hope we get more expressions like that; Wookiees don't typically emote more than the range between Stoic and Snarl from what I remember.


GM: You’re coming up fast on the Peace Moon. The nav comp counts down: 3... 2... 1...
Chewbacca: Can’t we—
Zeppo: Chewie! Nnnooo...
GM: In the stress of the moment, time elongates in front of you...
Zeppo: ... ooo...
GM: Chewie, you feel a heightened awareness of your temporal locus...
Zeppo: ... ooo...
GM: Time is an illusion, a series of discrete points rather than a continuous flow...
Zeppo: ... oow...
GM: With sparkling clarity you focus down and choose your point!
Zeppo: ... www!!!
Chewbacca: Here goes nothing, then. I throw the lever.
GM: The Falcon emerges from hyperspace. You’re hurtling directly towards an immense wall of rock and ice!
Zeppo: Couldn’t have timed it better myself!
Chewbacca: You couldn’t have timed it much worse either, I dare say.

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Published: Sunday, 06 March, 2022; 01:11:07 PST.
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