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Episode 2123: Terminal Frost; Fearless; On the Turning Away; Point Me at the Sky


Who needs to be terse when you're an RPG character? We've mentioned talking is a free action a few times before.

So, if your GM respects this and gives you time for roleplayed speech during rapid action sequences, make the most of it! Bonus points if you have a multi-page printout of your speech prepared.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huh. I should have thought of that problem. Out in space, who cares about exiting in a random orientation to the target when there's still minutes or more of flight time left? This definitely shows how those star destroyers crashed, especially if The Empire tried to see if this action was possible to avoid having to deal with planetary shield generators. Those are a lot less maneuverable than a small ship like the Millennium Falcon. And even if the ship is crashing into some conifers here, trees do tend to be a lot less solid than stone, so the ship will probably be just fine.

Really, the important thing to do here is to try to stop moving forward. We've already seen that the Falcon can hover in place a number of times. As a spaceship, I would think that orientation wouldn't be a consideration for hovering, but maybe there's an in-atmosphere mode for landing that needs to point down. Easy way to check which way is down like that!


Finn: Pull up!!
Chewbacca: Presumably we emerged from hyperspace with a random orientation. We could dive straight into the ground.
Zeppo: Better not to die wondering! I pick a direction! 17 for Piloting!
[SFX]: Vrrrooommm...!!
GM: <roll> You pull parallel and scream along just metres from the icy wall. Up, down, sideways, you have no idea.
Finn: Time for that terse imprecation?
Chewbacca: I would call down all manner of karmic comeuppance upon Zeppo’s head for each and every one of the similarly fraught circumstances in which we have found ourselves throughout the years, but in our current predicament that can only end poorly for all of us.
Finn: That was terse?
Chewbacca: It wouldn’t do to miss the wood for the trees.
[SFX]: Vrrrooommm...!!
[SFX]: Vrrrooommm...!!
GM: You crest the cliff and plough into a pine forest.

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Published: Tuesday, 08 March, 2022; 01:11:03 PST.
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