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Episode 2124: Crashing Through the Snow


If a group of heroes attempt a stealthy infiltration into enemy territory, have a whole bunch of really loud sound effects ready to go whenever they do something that might cause the slightest noise. It really adds to the atmosphere!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Han on the new Peace Moon the first time, Bria on Eadu attempting an assassination...... Okay, so that last one was more of K-2 causing problems for the party, but that flying definitely feels similar on reread.

So they did end up going through a bunch of trees, and turned out mostly fine. For now. Rolling with the ending description being accurate, I'll guess that the Falcon ends up sliding towards a cliff edge but doesn't go over. Probably with the stereotypical hanging over the edge bit as well, as I don't think we've had that in a Star Wars movie yet due to almost everything being a hovercraft of some sort.

Hm. I wonder if anyone thought to bring winter weather gear along. Crashing probably wasn't part of the plan, but the Resistance would have to know it's a possibility right? I don't plan on getting stuck in a snowbank when I drive, but I still dress for the possibility of getting out. Maybe Chewbacca gets sent out to scout for the location of the base or an entrance to the moon interior so the others can make a break for it? He was fine on Hoth and trees still grow here, so it can't be that cold.


GM: The Falcon crashes through the trees.
[SFX]: Crash!!
Finn: When I said “pull up”, you couldn’t have gone a little further up?
Zeppo: We need to stay low to avoid their radar.
Chewbacca: Oh, this was intended to be a stealth mission?
[SFX]: Crunch!!
Zeppo: Of course! Why?
Chewbacca: Qui-Gon in the Naboo palace hangar, Han in the original Peace Moon detention block...
[SFX]: Wham!!
Zeppo: See? I’m great at them!
[SFX]: Ka-splat!!
GM: The Falcon blasts out of the forest—
Zeppo: I cut the engines and set her down gently.
[SFX]: Smash!!
GM: —at breakneck speed. You skip off the ground, slam back down, and slide through the snow towards the edge of a sheer precipice!
[SFX]: Thud!!
[SFX]: Slam!!
[SFX]: Sliiide!!
Chewbacca: Lucky it’s not anything slippery, then.
Finn: I don’t suppose there’s a control tower we can crash into?

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Published: Thursday, 10 March, 2022; 01:11:03 PST.
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