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Episode 2261: Hux’s Number Two


Little known fact: In this scene Leia is playing Space Invaders on that screen.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

And even if Ben did have an idea of what he's doing, forcing jokes like that is just unhealthy. Peavey's actor has a great face for pretending they're a super serious individual in the military and trying desperately not to laugh. Hux's actor, on the other hand, seems unsure if he wants to change the uniform coloration to brown in the next few minutes. Admin Snoke will probably chew him out yet again once Snoke finds out about this latest setback.

For all the complaints I've had about the plot so far, at the very least, the visuals are still excellent and pretty much what I'd expect for minor tech improvements from the previous movies. Things like this tactical display probably only show up once or twice too, so I can tell there's at least a good amount of effort put into making the movie enjoyable. I wonder what the lower right ship is though on the tactical display. It looks kind of like an A-wing and has the same little symbol shapes, but it would need to be shown from the side. Maybe that's meant to be Allan's X-wing? A separate ship image for him would make sense as a main character, but it doesn't look enough like an X-wing for me to say "that's his".

Anti-lightspeed chaff definitely seems like a comic invention I have to say. For one thing, chaff is meant more for deflecting and confusing targeting rather than something to block movement as it'd just get blown up and/or bumped out of the way before the hyperjump is made. For another, there'd need to be a large fleet already deploying it over a huge area extremely rapidly, and there's been almost no time since the First Order showed up for the larger ships to close in on each other. And lastly and most importantly, chaff would hardly be interesting to look at; Star Wars as a whole might have a simplistic plot, but the visuals rarely miss.


[SFX]: Boom! Boom!
Resistance Monitor: Direct hit! Dreadnought down!
GM: Leia’s tactical display indicates all bombers, an A-wing, and three X-wings destroyed. Over half the attack fleet.
Leia: Was it worth it? Hell, yeah!
Leia: Fleet, return to base so we can get out of here!
General Hux: I assume anti-lightspeed chaff was deployed in accordance with standard and sensible blockade procedure?
GM: Er... <roll>...
Bridge Monitor: Absolutely, sir! How hilariously incompetent would we need to be to ignore such an obvious tactic?
General Hux: Chaff won’t stop the smaller ships, but there’s no way their cruiser can pass that blockage.
Captain Peavey: <snicker>
C-3PO: You’re enjoying making up stuff to set Peavey off, aren’t you?
General Hux: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe I’m too pooped.
Captain Peavey: <snicker>

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Published: Tuesday, 24 January, 2023; 01:11:08 PST.
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