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Fan Art

Empire Strikes Back lightsabre fight 1 Empire Strikes Back lightsabre fight 2 A two-part strip by Rozsdás, showing Darth Vader's dramatic revelations to Luke at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, according to an idea borrowed from Robot Chicken (which itself borrowed it from an earlier source). Part 1. Part 2.

Prequel strip A prequel strip by Middlerun, showing how the GM decided to run a science fiction game.

Return of the Jedi lightsabre fight Another rendering of a borrowed gag by Rozsdás, showing another dramatic revelation by Darth Vader near the end of Return of the Jedi.

Jar Jar is a genius Andrew Bird found Jar Jar's genius in Episode 122 so shocking that he dropped right out of the in-game universe.

Jar Jar's light reading Flickr user lamont cranston shows us Jar Jar catching up on a little light reading.

A New Hope lightsabre fight Rozsdás supplies us with the third major lightsabre battle from the original trilogy.

Cheddar Monks! Tammy Coble spotted these self-avowed Cheddar Monks at Dragon*Con in Atlanta on 31 August, 2008! It turns out they are Dani and Don, from South Carolina. And they were in the middle of planning their imminent wedding, thus the hurried nature of their costumes. But they promise next year they'll top it!

Summon Bigger Fish williamriven made this inspirational poster of Jar Jar Summoning a Bigger Fish, as seen in Episode 8 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Darth Maul Motivational EarthScorpion made this motivational poster, featuring Darth Maul.

Jar Jar's economics skills Flickr user lamont cranston shows us more of Jar Jar's genius.

Doodles Red Gillespie sketched these doodles during a boring bit of work, on the back of some receipts.

The cast Red Gillespie also did these cool sketches of the players and GM, with (non-canonical) estimates of their ages.

Bigger Fish, Yu-Gi-Oh! Summon Bigger Fish, Yu-Gi-Oh! Jar Jar, You're a Genius, Yu-Gi-Oh! Explodey Soap Bubbles, Yu-Gi-Oh! Bigger Fish, Magic Summon Bigger Fish, Magic GM Kriim made these custom cards for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering.

Talk to the laser sword Colonel Azzameen posted this on his DeviantArt page.

Chocolate dice 1 Chocolate dice 2 Haran Yakir decided life was so much like chocolate dice that he had to make some of his own.

Chocolate dice 3 Chocolate dice 4 He then took some to a gaming convention in Tel Aviv and sold about 300 of them!

Droids Are People J. S. Bridges reminds us that Droids are people, too.

Droids Aren't People J. S. Bridges reminds us that Droids aren't people, you know.

Summon Bigger Chopper Eric Kays provides this scene of the players in a scene from Terminator 3.

Cheddar Monk 1 Cheddar Monk 2 Cheddar Monk 3 Billy Burson saw this guy running around in the Star Wars: The Old Republic online game, a mere day after it was released!

DeviantArtist Teh-Gardy provides a retelling of strip #70.

Bugs & Bombs Pan Calvus sent in this scene from an alternate universe, in which the players are playing a game based on Starship Troopers.

Is This the Traitor Josiah Clark shows us one of the fliers Luke handed out around Echo Base, mentioned in strip #941.

Padme as Vader Rekha sent us this sketch of Padmé, as Darth Vader.

Airplane Cameron Chamberlain was so inspired by the idea of roleplaying the story of Airplane! that he made this strip.

Adamant Alastair McLaughlin says the Emperor is adamant.

Ep 1 title Ep 2 title Ep 3 title Ep 4 title Ep 5 title Ep 6 title Butch Cassian and the Sundance Droid title Alan Cross made these title cards for the various movies. Originals also on his DeviantArt page.

Fan Videos

In 2018 The Present Company comedy troupe wrote a stage adaptation called Darths & Droids: The Phantasmal Malevolence, and performed it at the 2018 Tampa Fringe Festival. Their adaptation of our first adventure was very well received, and won the prize for best production at its venue! We're happy to have authorised this adaptation of our work, and very pleased with how it turned out. They revived the show in 2021 at the Orlando Fringe Festival. Here's a recording of the 2018 show:

In 2021, Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain, Connecticutt, recorded a new adaptation of the same stage show!

Draconius Maximus made this cool video for the song Summon Bigger Fish:

Send in the Clones!

Concept and Development Art

Original concept art for a bonus strip: Wands & Warts strip #17.

I assure you, our brocade is perfectly regal.

The first panel from strip #301. This is about twice as tall as a single frame from the movie; we stitched it together from a vertical pan.

The first panel from strip #305. This is taller than a single frame from the movie; we stitched it together from a slight vertical pan. Available in the following resolutions, although the larger two have been upscaled from the original 1024 pixels wide, so are not as sharp as the original.

The first panel from strip #306. This is about six times as tall as a single frame from the movie; we stitched it together from a huge vertical pan.

Concept art for the Yoda-Dooku fight sequence in #402. This concept art was done in October, 2007, when we were only up to strip #11! This set the concept for the angular, broken panel structure we now use in all laser sword fight scenes.

A script variant for strip #176. We were tossing up between this script and the one we eventually used right up until the last minute. In the end we went with the one we did because this version made it look as if Jim was taking the game far too seriously. And that not only is he an expert on geophysics, but also ballet.

The observation room of the Invisible Hand. This is a vertical pan stitch to make a frame taller than a single frame from the film. We also removed Count Dookû from the shot. This frame will not appear in a strip exactly like this.

An early joke idea for the introduction of the colour of Mace Windu's laser sword, which we didn't end up using. The laser sword appears in strip #370, which is well before this joke makes any sense, in continuity.

An alternative joke idea for strip #371. We really wanted to use this, but it interrupted the flow of the dialogue too much to be squeezed in.

Another image stitched together from a vertical pan. This one shows R2-D2 wandering the canyons of Tatooine. Look out, R2!

A stitched horizontal pan of the Mos Eisley cantina.

Ponda Baba makes a threat.

An early development version of strip #816. This was the first version created, and went through half a dozen dialogue tweaks before settling on the version we eventually published. Compare it to the published version to see the changes.

This was our original preferred layout for strip #892, but we had to rearrange it to fit our standard layout.

The stitched vertical pan from strip #1391. This is about four times as tall as a single frame from the movie.

This is our original concept art sketch for strip #774.

A tribute to Kenny Baker and Carrie Fisher.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1534.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1563.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1584.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1589.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1596.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1610.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1620.

A stitched image from Rogue One, used for strip #1657.



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