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Episode 941: Double Down


The troops need some way to keep themselves amused during the long waits when nothing much happens. Make sure to provide them with suitable diversions, lest they make up some of their own. You don't want your retainers messing about and playing practical jokes on one another with:


Lieutenant Alder: —against my lordship of the northwest reaches of Clabburn Range that neither one comes back alive.
Major Derlin: That's a sucker bet.
Lieutenant Alder: I'll throw in a wampa pelt.
Major Derlin: A wampa pelt? What the hell, I'll take a punt. Done!
C-3PO: The troops are confident that Han and Luke will return.
Leia: Uh huh.
Leia: Oy! You two!
Major Derlin: Who? Us?
Leia: I want volunteers to take a hoverplane and go look for Commander Starkiller.
Major Derlin: Let me get this straight. You want us to risk our necks to find the guy who's pulled apart my every possession, interrogated me at length on three separate occasions, and handed out fliers printed with my face and the question "Is this the traitor?"
Leia: It's not personal. He did that to everyone!

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Published: Thursday, 26 September, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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