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Episode 2464: I’m a Model of Consistency, You Know What I Mean


Worldbuilding in a campaign should generally be consistent (unless you're deliberately going for a really weird setting in which things change arbitrarily).

Corollary: If you come up with some throw-away detail that the players call out for being strange or silly, you need to double down on it. Make it a feature, not a bug.

The players should come to rely on the fact that in this world all beverages taste like bubblegum, the stars rearrange into different constellations every night, and mushrooms sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And then just when they are feeling comfortable and like they understand the world, throw them the curveball.

"You settle in for a night of relaxation at the tavern. The beer is frothy and refreshing, pleasantly bitter."

"Wait. Did you say the beer is bitter?? What in the name of all that is sensible is going on here?!?"

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

The Irregulars really know how to pick the panels. That is an excellent DJ face for someone who's not sure if what they just did will work. I'm also completely unsurprised that we've got a no-railing catwalk again. Like the GM says, this is just everything being consistent. It's impressively notable how little railings show up; the only instance I can think of at the moment is the Emperor's room, not that they helped at all there. Everyone in Star Wars must have impressive balancing skills.

Connix doesn't seem to get that mutiny is what they're doing, and shooting each other is what would be a part of that. Otherwise why point a gun at someone just a bit ago? I mean, there's the whole question of why there's a mutiny to begin with, but besides that, questioning why there's going to be shooting since there is a mutiny going on is just silly.


Finn: DJ! We need that door open now!
DJ: 13?
GM: The door slides open.
[SFX]: ssshhh......ooopn!
DJ: I knew that would work. Finis coronat opus.
[SFX]: kzzzhh... kzzzt!
Kaydel Ko Connix: They’re coming through the bridge door!
Poe: I aim my blaster!
Kaydel Ko Connix: You’re going to blast our own personnel?
Poe: Well, if I miss, it’s going to put holes in the hull!
GM: The computer room is across a narrow catwalk with no railings over a deep chasm.
Rose: Another one of those? Now you’re just deliberately messing with us.
GM: It’s called “world-building consistency”.

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Published: Sunday, 12 May, 2024; 02:11:05 PDT.
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