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Episode 2465: Laser Firewall


Rooms should have wings just so things can hide in them. Your bog-standard square dungeon room is a little boring. Use some unusual shapes, and make them important.

This is really a subset of the idea of using the environment in interesting ways. Sure, those railingless catwalks are ridiculous, but if you use them in a game you can bet they're going to be interesting. And dramatic things might happen with them.

Better than another square room.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah! I knew that droid was going to show up again. It's a little weird to have it framed in the middle like it's the mastermind of catching Team Casino, but no matter. It was the one that noticed the intruders before or so it seems, so perhaps it rolled into sight first for that extra 'oh crap' moment just before all of the troopers came in with guns.

Hmmmm. Wait a minute; where's BB-8? I don't think I see his waste bin in any of the large panels here. Did he stay outside the hacked open door? I mean, I probably would too if I was BB given that the waste bin is still covering his vision, and there are no railings on the bridge. If he's not caught by the troopers coming down the hallway, this could mean we can have BB-8 pull off another rescue! Okay, Poe crashing the Raddus is much more likely to distract the troopers for an escape of some kind, but I can hope for BB being useful again right?


BB-8: Right. Let me hack this system and insert millions of orders.
Rose: Wait. We’re on Snoke’s flagship and about to hack the computers...
BB-8: Yeah! I estimate an hour or so to enter the data.
Rose: I’m just feeling like a plan that starts with “hack into their system” and ends with “crash their system” doesn’t need a particularly convoluted middle step.
BB-8: You... may have a point.
GM: An evil-looking black droid, three officers, and a squad of troopers appear between you and the terminal.
Finn: I think the first step just got more complicated.
DJ: Did they come across that precarious bridge? Some of them would have fallen in!
GM: No, they were hiding in the wings of the computer room.
GM: They may not take workplace safety seriously, but they’re all about information security.

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Published: Tuesday, 14 May, 2024; 02:11:01 PDT.
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