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Episode 2411: Cause For Alarm


Recapping adventures can be great if a player misses a session. But you know you're getting into the roleplaying a bit too seriously if you recap for a character who wasn't there, even though their player was.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I feel you there, Leia. Not the whole stuck in a coma thing; the "ten more minutes" thing. Not getting enough sleep can really catch up with you, especially when you've not been feeling the best.

Anyway, where was Takodana again? My brain keeps wanting to substitute in Tatooine which wouldn't make sense. I actually don't remember if Leia has ever been to that planet outside of Episode VI. .... Oh right, that was the bar planet. That's a fair bit of recapping in that case, but Luke has been out for quite some time and Annie isn't the type to take shortcuts.

So will Leia actually get up and take command? I rather doubt it, but she is moving a bit here. Well, her lips are anyway. That might just be a sign Luke is actually talking with her though, rather than fully coming out of this coma or whatever it is. And even then, getting spaced by an explosion would really take it out of a person, so I'd still expect Leia to not take command if she does wake up completely.


Leia: ... and then his wingmen fired, Admiral Ackbar said... something extrapolative, I think, and I was blown into space.
Leia: That’s the last thing I remember.
GM: You didn’t really need to start on Takodana.
Luke: They obviously saved you. But now the fleet is in trouble.
Leia: We were heading to Crait to make a stand. Rey knows where to find us.
Luke: Her training isn’t complete. She can’t fight the entire First Order.
Leia: Luke, we need you.
Luke: No, you don’t. You’re my sister. You have the strength.
Luke: Leia, you need to regain consciousness. Get up. Take command!
Leia: Oh... Can I snooze that? I really need ten more minutes.

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Published: Tuesday, 09 January, 2024; 01:18:28 PST.
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