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Episode 2412: A Stab in the Dark


Movies and TV shows and novels generally gloss over normal everyday requirements like washing or using the toilet. Unless for some reason it becomes relevant to the plot. There are plenty of bathroom scenes where something creepy happens, or the hero closes the medicine cabinet to see an attacker suddenly reflected in the mirror. Or people hide in the school toilets or whatever.

Games don't tend to use this as much. But consider the possibilities.

Someone's bathing in the shallows of a river near the camp. A river full of crocodiles. Or worse. Now, you don't need a player to say, "I'm going to the river to wash myself." Because no player is ever going to bother saying that or think to roleplay it. If they make camp near a river, you can just assume that at some point they'll want to go bathe or at least splash their face with water. Or if you roll a random encounter and it makes sense that the monster would attack from the river, you can enhance the description by saying that it attacks when <roll>... the rogue goes to wash herself.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

... Or we can jump over to Rey deciding to call up Kylo. I guess I can see the logic there if Kylo needs to be involved in the story at this point. More than just backstory flashback sort of stuff anyway for some reason. Yes, he's made a big impression and had a large impact on the story so far. But the same could be said for Darth Vader in the original trilogy, and he worked as a villain a lot better than Kylo does, even considering the dialogue filter I get to experience him through.

Here we get to have a shirtless scene because.... why? It's perfectly fine as a shirtless scene, but Star Wars didn't have those last I knew. And it's the main villain as well. Maybe I haven't watched enough videos to get a good sense of how they're normally shown, but I thought that this sort of thing was meant to show off the heroes (Finn or Poe in this case I guess). Disney trying to make the bad guy look appealing like this? That'd work for part of the fanbase, but I wouldn't have thought they'd be a large enough segment to affect the movie.

At least Luke looks nicely menacing here for being presented from Kylo's perspective. Especially those eyes.


Rey: While Luke is calling Leia, I’m going to try contacting Kylo Ren.
GM: Really?
Rey: He hung up last time. So if I initiate the call, I won’t need Luke to cut it off.
GM: Okay then. <roll>... You succeed. Sally?
Kylo Ren: Can’t I get call waiting? I’m half dressed after a shower.
Rey: Afraid to look vulnerable, huh? “Ben” Solo.
Kylo Ren: Where did you learn that name?
Rey: Oh, a Jedi Master who you failed to murder told me.
Kylo Ren: Is that what he told you? He tried to kill me!
[SFX]: whmmm... {Luke is shown in a flashback scene holding his laser sword over a half-asleep “Ben” Solo}
Kylo Ren: I went to his Academy to maximise my potential in my quest to avenge my father.
Kylo Ren: But he sensed my growing power and decided I was a threat.
Rey: You did turn into a threat!
Kylo Ren: Yeah, but that was some Minority Report crap at the time, totally unjustified!

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Published: Thursday, 11 January, 2024; 01:11:08 PST.
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