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Episode 2410: Postcards from the Ledge


If someone is unconscious, there may still be ways to communicate with them.

Magic spells can help. Many games include spells of communication, although mostly they are designed to contact people at a distance, or perhaps to speak with things you wouldn't normally speak with, such as plants or the dead. But you might be able to co-opt one of these spells to contact someone who's alive but unable to speak. Or there may be a specialised version designed for communicating with the unconscious.

Psionic or super powers could also be used. It's a common trope in science fiction that psychic/psionic abilities can be used for telepathic communication or mind reading, and maybe that would also work with someone who is unconscious. Think of the Vulcan mind meld.

And then there are technological solutions. If someone can invent a gadget that reads minds or allows telepathic projection, you could perhaps use that on an unconscious subject. It might even become a standard medical procedure for communicating with comatose patients.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hmmmm. I think..... only the Leia panels are new. And the galaxy. Maybe the island and planet as well. But I'm definitely certain of Leia and the galaxy panels being new. Possibly it's a big zooming out sequence? That could be pretty neat to have shown. I don't know how this would all relate to the bagel, but maybe that's a Rey-specific vision.

Leia showing up again is rather unexpected. Is this meant to be the method for getting Luke to try and leave the planet? If so, I think this might have the best chance of working. Some kid showing up? Well, no need to leave as they're here now, and they just don't understand why it's important to stay. The only other sibling is injured? Quick, fly off to see her!


Luke: I close my eyes. I breathe. I reach out.
Luke: What do I see?
GM: The island. The planet. The Galaxy. {frames of the island, the planet, and the Galaxy}
GM: Weakness. {frame of General Hux}
GM: Strength. {frame of Snoke}
GM: Anger. {frame of Kylo Ren}
GM: Calm. {frame of Admiral Holdo}
GM: Fear. {frame of Temeri Blagg, about to push the alarm button}
GM: Empathy. {frame of a fathier}
GM: Suffering... {frame of Leia, unconscious}
GM: You sense Leia, lying unconscious, on a ship fleeing the First Order.
GM: Annie, Luke’s presence is a beacon through the fog of Leia’s coma.
Leia: Luke!
Luke: This is your Galactic Standard Time, offset 473, wake-up call.

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Published: Sunday, 07 January, 2024; 01:11:13 PST.
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