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Episode 2409: No Time to Dine


People like to eat a few times a day. It's usually glossed over in games, as the act of eating isn't particularly interesting in a roleplaying or game mechanical context. But you can certainly have interesting parts of the game revolve around eating and meal times.

Adventurers can be invited to fancy dinners. They could have an everyday meal interrupted by the arrival of significant NPCs, or a monster attack. There could be some food-related challenge or quest - maybe they need to eat something challenging, or find some rare ingredients for a king's feast. Maybe a rival has slipped something untoward into their rations. Dungeon vermin could steal or infest food supplies. And whenever the heroes are eating in public, such as an inn or tavern, that's a perfect time for mysterious strangers to approach and offer interesting rumours or quests...

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Established for when things go wrong, got it Ben. But that just means you've got more of a responsibility to try and make them not go wrong first. Better not mess things up!

Sailing off into space at night makes for a great transition like this. I can just imagine the ship fading and growing into the moon. There's something really cool about being out at night when the moon is full and it's partly cloudy. Almost bright enough to read a book by, lots of contrast, and a little bit spooky.

Which is appropriate for where Luke is at. The Dark Side Everything Bagel thing might just be a representation of the Force being focused on this area, so the "lunch ledge" makes sense as somewhere for Luke to come back to. Or perhaps he's actually here so that he'll get a sense of what was going on with Rey as it was responding weirdly to her attempt at focusing on something.


Rose: I don’t like it. We can find another way off-world.
Finn: We don’t have time! The Resistance can’t flee the First Order forever.
Rose: Mmmm.
[SFX]: whooosshh!! {ship blasts into space from Canto Bight; voices come from ship}
DJ: Per aspera ad astra!
Rose: I still don’t like it.
Finn: But we’re committed now.
Rose: Just establishing that for when things go wrong.
GM: Let’s go back to Ahch-To. Corey, what’s Luke up to?
Luke: After dark I go out to my lunch ledge.
GM: Odd time for lunch.
Luke: Midnight snack is time for Jedi to eat as well.
Luke: I’m trying to get a Force Vibe.
Luke: I’ve been stuck on this world too long. I need to know what’s happening out there. {places hands on the ledge where previously Rey sat and levitated the stones}
GM: You mean how things are going wrong?
Luke: That goes without saying.

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Published: Thursday, 04 January, 2024; 01:11:27 PST.
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