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Episode 2408: Uber Mensch


For easy cultural weirdness, just adapt modern trends into other time periods and places. Imagine American football in a fantasy setting. An alien invasion in the wild west. The fantasy version of reality TV shows. Contemporary social trends in the far future. Or general modern technology in the Stone Age.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Dang it, there's no waterfall! There should have been a waterfall when they met up with DJ again! A cliff is pretty close and part of what's needed for waterfalls to exist, but this planet wasn't described as having only cliffs now, was it?

Also, this looks like an extremely dangerous position for BB-8 to be in, whether or not DJ is dangerous. He's at the bottom of a spiral staircase that's just hanging out in thin air! A ball can barely roll up stairs as it is, and now it's in almost the worst possible location. Sure, BB's got those grapple darts if he falls, but there's no guarantee they'd be able to latch on to anything!

One more thing? With a name drop like Hiperdryve, I'd be very surprised if this ship wasn't named that. It's goofy enough to not be an actual organization, but mangling "Hyper Drive" into Hiperdryve I could see being a ship name.


GM: Corey, what’s BB-8 been doing?
BB-8: Finding a way off this planet!
GM: How do you know you need to do that?
BB-8: Obviously I’d have a link to the ship and know it was destroyed.
GM: Okay. So what’s the plan?
[SFX]: tsshhrrrr...
BB-8: I book a ride-share with my winnings and show up near the cliff where Rose and Finn are standing.
[SFX]: tsshhrrrr... {a ship rises slowly beyond the cliff behind Finn and Rose}
Finn: BB-8!
DJ: Ooh! I’m the pilot! I work for HiperDryve.
Rose: Wait a minute. We better be careful. The casino guy said DJ is extremely dangerous.
DJ: You don’t want to find out what I’ll do if you leave me a bad review.

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Published: Tuesday, 02 January, 2024; 01:11:09 PST.
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