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Episode 2375: Reylo-dex


Players will often come up with weird ideas for something to try. As a GM you have a few options:

  1. Look it up in the rulebooks, find it's not covered by a rule, and declare it can't be done.
  2. Ignore the rulebooks and declare it can't be done.
  3. Look it up in the rulebooks, find it's not covered by a rule, and declare, "sure, why not?"
  4. Ignore the rulebooks and declare, "sure, why not?"

These are basically listed in increasing order of fun. At least from the players' point of view. If you're the GM, you just have to ask yourself: How much player fun can you take without going crazy?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ohhh, we've got another one of these scenes. That makes more sense than immediately jumping away to the First Order side. And of course the GM complains about it. Not much else for Kylo to do here though!

I'm still really curious why Kylo seems to be bothering to contact Rey in the first place. He's less panicky now, but it still doesn't seem like there's anything to gain from this. Prank-dialing the enemy can be amusing, but we already had that happen once. I'd hazard a guess that Kylo is attempting a temptation here, except that he's already shown that he's got no patience for that sort of long term planning.

As for planning the story, well........ I've got a pretty good idea of what the answer is. Most of the time.


Kylo Ren: Since I’m stuck here, I’ll try tracing Rey again. What should I roll?
GM: Hmm. This is the problem with letting you do weird stuff on the spot...
Rey: Now you see why it’s bad to go against the story plan. Like in my fantasy campaign.
GM: You think I plan this story?
GM: <roll> Anyway, Kylo succeeds in establishing a connection again.
Kylo Ren: Rey Solo.
Rey: Not you again. Can’t I block your caller ID or something?
Rey: Anyway, you need to update your address book. It’s Rey Amidala.
Kylo Ren: You’ve taken your mother’s name? Disclaimed the pathetic buffoon that is Han Solo?
Rey: No. I found out he’s not really my father.
Kylo Ren: Oh. I suppose that’s even smarter.

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Published: Tuesday, 17 October, 2023; 02:11:08 PDT.
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