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Episode 1189: Paper Trial


In this first intermission strip we have a sneak peek at the GM's original adventure plan notes for the Episode V adventure. Once again, things didn't quite go as planned.


{A page showing the GM's handwritten notes}
Heading: ADVENTURE PLAN - THE ENEMY LETS RIP {note: Ugh - think of a better title}
Paragraph: After the mysterious leaks which led to the Empire discovering the rebel bases at Yavin, Thila, and Teardrop, they have set up a new base on the ice world of Hoth. Luke is attacked and captured by an ice beast. Prompt Ben as the spirit of Obi-Wan to give Luke information on the whereabouts of Yoda. Vader also has a price on Luke's head as she thinks he's "Luke Starkiller", who murdered her son. This gives Han a big incentive to keep Luke prisoner when he finds the ice beast's {note: SAMPA (crossed out) OOMPA (crossed out) WAMPA} cave.
Paragraph: An Imperial probe droid arrives, giving Han the opportunity to signal that he and Chewie have Luke. They should flee the base and take Luke to Vader, prompting a rescue mission by Leia and the droids. Nice infiltration adventure using the detailed map of Vader's star destroyer. {note: START ON LEVEL 47. Introduce "insubordinate" Captain Needa, "know-it-all" Captain Piett} They rescue him, but learn the Hoth base has been destroyed by Imperial troops while they were away. Jim + Ben may be able to make another good case that they were trying to help Luke all along - if so they can rejoin the rebels. If not, they get new rebel characters while Han and Chewie become enemy PCs like Vader.
Paragraph: Nute Gunray's infection of R2 slowly exerts a stronger grip. Pete should run out of subtle R/L inversions {note: must be like 3 at most} and the others will notice quickly as they get more obvious. No doubt he'll plug into Vader's ship and infect it, after which Chewie {note: if still on their side} can clean R2's memory. Nute will live on to fight another day.
Paragraph: Luke's lead on Yoda should prompt them to go to Dagobah {note: Dragonsnake encounter} and seek out the Jedi Master. Yoda has gone a bit stir crazy (Sally should be good at this), but knows enough to train Luke so he can level up in Jedi skills. The other may want to set up a new rebel base on Dagobah. Meanwhile, Vader senses Luke {note: growing psychic connection} meeting Yoda and brings a fleet to Dagobah.
Paragraph: The spirits of departed Jedi live in a giant hollow tree on Dagobah. Luke needs to make a spooky journey through the tree to recruit them to fight in the all-out battle against the Empire troops who land in giant walking tanks. Depending how Corey roleplays, the spirits may be reluctant, but can join the fight at the last minute. {note: dramatic tension - will they or won't they?} With the help of the spirits, the Rebellion triumphs!
Paragraph: For now...

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Published: Tuesday, 28 April, 2015; 03:11:09 PDT.
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