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Episode 2376: Keeping Mum


Loose lips not only sink ships, they provide great quips. If the enemy gets to grips with those tips, they can make you pay for the slips.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I'm doubtful that this is anywhere close to the movie. Blue/green milk aside, even Episode V had Darth Vader only know where the Rebellion was after a probe droid stumbled into the group. Maybe the Everything Bagel of The Ocean did something and Kylo felt that disturbance in The Force? That'd only explain this Force Phonecall though, so there would have to be some other reason not a part of the comic for the first call. I mean, a reason besides the whole "the director/writers simply wanted a conversation in the first place"; that much is obvious at least.

And there's the whiny Kylo we've all come to know and love! Well. Know anyway. Seriously, this sounds like a wizard complaining they can't cast Cure Light Wounds when they've got Mind Control and Telekinesis. Kylo should either get some help or start training a lot harder. He doesn't look like he's yelling here however, so maybe this is a more calm and reasonable conversation this time?


Kylo Ren: So, now you have some mysterious heritage where you don’t know who your parents were?
Rey: Ha, no! Don’t be ridiculous. Luke Amidala is my father, and my mother was—
Kylo Ren: Yeess??
Rey: ... None of your business!
Kylo Ren: Very well, keep your secrets. I’ll soon know the most important thing.
Kylo Ren: I attempt to trace her location via this Force connection.
Rey: Wait. The off-colour milk is supposed to stop Kylo Ren and Snoke from finding me. Why else did I choke that down?
GM: I just said I didn’t plan this... But yeah, good point. Kylo can communicate with you, but he can’t locate you.
Kylo Ren: Argh! What use are all these Force powers if I can’t do one simple thing?!
Rey: Hey, don’t cry over bilk milk.

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Published: Thursday, 19 October, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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