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Episode 2234: D’Qar Rally


After a cliffhanger, you kind of have to pick up the action right where you left off. Sort of. Unless there's something else super important happening elsewhere at the same time.

Of course in a game there's always something important happening somewhere else at the same time.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Here we go again! And already we're finding out that there's been a two year wait for the next game session. That's a heck of a long time for the players to wait. At least with movies, there's an expected long wait between releases. Two weeks would feel like a long time for the next game session to come around; two years would feel like forever.

And we're jumping right into the beginnings of a fight it seems. Not quite as instant as Episode III's cold opening, but this does look like it's picking up immediately after Episode VII's end. I wonder if we'll get a running (away) fight or if this is meant to be a curb-stomp opening to show how screwed the Resistance is. There's not any parallels to the other movies I can think of except for Episode V a small amount, and here the First Order already knows where Team Good Guy is hanging out. Perhaps we're moving more away from the Original Trilogy feel now? That doesn't exactly feel like Disney, but the people working on the movies can be quite creative when they're given free rein.

Either way, odd ending and little nitpicks aside, I hope I enjoy this Episode as much as I did Episode VII!


Pete: Two years is a long wait for a cliffhanger! Let’s go!
GM: You may have a bit more of a wait. Recall that the First Order had identified the source of the attack as D’Qar...
Opening Crawl: Episode VIII - THE JEDI LIST. The FIRST ORDER reigns. Having decimated the peaceful Republic, Administrator Snoke now deploys merciless legions to seize military control of the Galaxy. Only General Leia Organa’s band of RESISTANCE fighters stand against the rising tyranny, certain that Jedi Master Luke Amidala will return and restore a spark of hope to the fight. But the Resistance has been exposed. As the First Order speeds toward the Rebel base, the brave heroes mount a desperate escape....
Captain Huetrin Jones: We’re not clear yet! There’s still thirty pallets of cannon shells in C bunker.
Kaydel Ko Connix: Typical of Rey to run off when there’s work to be done.
[SFX]: krak! krak!
GM: Captain Huetrin Jones and Kaydel Ko Connix look up and see star destroyers appearing out of hyperspace.
Captain Huetrin Jones: Oh no.
Kaydel Ko Connix: I seriously hope General Organa disowns her.

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Published: Tuesday, 22 November, 2022; 01:11:05 PST.
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