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Episode 2233: Luke-Alike


Intermission strip 3: Alternative ending for The Forced-Away Kin.

We had this idea very early on when brainstorming plot twists and modifications from the film. While we didn't end up using it, we definitely wanted to share it with you, and an intermission strip was the perfect place.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahahahaha! Now that would be a heck of a shapeshift! Nobody would suspect that you're talking to yourself!

But man. I think I'd actually have been more shocked at the plot than the sudden ending if this was the main comic. This would have been a heck of a perceptual departure from main characters being played by the GM.

And aw heck, I just noticed Luke's still got the cyborg arm and that it's in just as good a shape as C-3P0 is. Depending on how long Luke's been out here, he's lucky it's still working with the internals exposed like that.


Rey: Master Luke. Your laser sword.
Luke: No, you’re mistaken. I just look like him.
Rey: What?
Luke: Luke died in the explosion of the defence station above Endor.
Luke: I’m Wedge. I tried to save him, but... He was too busy dragging Vader’s body and... the whole thing just blew up.
Luke/Wedge: I was so distraught that I exiled myself here at Rendezvous Point Zeta and took on Luke’s shape as a tribute.
Rey: Oh. So you’re not the hero who can single-handedly save the Galaxy?
{Luke/Wedge looks incredulous}

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Published: Sunday, 20 November, 2022; 01:11:04 PST.
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