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Episode 2186: Identity Crisis


When characters get some sort of magical or psychic feeling about something, or a premonition or prophecy, make it a little ambiguous. It doesn't need to be super ambiguous and cryptic. Just leave enough room for a couple of possible interpretations if you really try. And you can pretty much guarantee that the players will leap to the wrong conclusion.

And if they don't... you can always change what it was about.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Luke wasn't pushed and, more importantly, losing a hand is a lot more survivable than losing a heart. But, that also wasn't a direct "No" from the GM either. While this would be completely impossible in the movies, we've already had Grievous return as Phasma, Nute as a disembodied AI, and a whole host of other characters as various clones. I'd almost want to make sure that Han's body wasn't grabbed to be turned into yet another clone. Part of the original plan was a possibility of Han and Chewie being enemy PCs after all...

Oh yeah, Leia is Force Sensitive in comic-universe. Maybe in the movie too? She's probably not a Jedi Knight like Luke in Episode VI if so, but it feels reasonable for her to be Force Sensitive here. Especially with the strong emotional connection of Leia and Han being married. Hmm. I know she'll show up in the future movies; part of me is hoping now that Leia will be shown doing some fancier Force stuff later.


GM: ... and that’s right where you came in.
BB-8: Wow. So he’s really dead?
GM: He got laser sworded and fell into a deep pit.
BB-8: Yeah, so did Luke.
Rey: You weren’t pushed by Sally.
BB-8: Mmm, true. So what now?
GM: Back on D’Qar, Leia feels a disturbance in the Force, as if dozens of identities cried out and were suddenly silenced.
Leia: Oh no. I fear something terrible has happened.
Resistance Member: General?
Leia: Either Zeppo is dead, or he just killed a bunch of people one after the other.

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Published: Tuesday, 02 August, 2022; 02:11:07 PDT.
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