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Episode 2087: Accept All Cookies


If you want someone's character to do something in-character, you can try bribing the player. Yummy treats are a good choice.

Of course this is not in the spirit of player-character separation and we totally don't recommend it. 😉

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

If Rey can keep up the mental resistance and Kylo keeps preferring bad ideas and losing their temper, I don't think there's anything to worry about for intel leaking. That's the plus side. The downside is that the only things keeping Rey alive are her knowledge of where the map likely is and Kylo's potential interest in turning her to the Dark Side. If Nute decides to tell Snoke that Rey has been captured or Snoke figures it out by themself, what's to stop an underling with ambitions of promotions from killing her?

Rey deserves to know what? That she's already got a destiny in spite of what's been said? That Zeppo isn't actually her dad? That she was adopted by both of them? That she's actually a modified clone of Luke or Anakin? A secret cyborg in addition to any one of those things? Hm, I could actually see the clone thing for the comic; assuming the Muppets improv is canon with the cloning shenanigans, that could make old woman Jira's comment much more interesting. Or maybe these are all too "out-there" for ideas and it's something less silly like: they know Rey stole the Falcon to go off on an adventure for the Resistance, but they would have given it to her anyway if she'd just asked.

Movie-wise, I've no firm ideas on what they could be talking about, but I hope it's still figuring out a rescue. Han looks concerned enough for that at least.


Leia: So Luke and this Darth Kanata are missing and Rey’s been captured.
Zeppo: I’m still here!
Leia: Rey’s our most immediate concern. Her training isn’t complete. They may get information out of her.
Zeppo: Are you thinking of her as a daughter or as a potential intel leak?
Leia: Both! You were supposed to pick her up and keep her safe!
Zeppo: There were fruit sellers! And a rathtar.
Leia: Do you think it’s time we told her the truth? She deserves to know.
Zeppo: We agreed it’s better this way.
Leia: I know, but—
[SFX]: Door
Rey: Hey! Sorry I’m late. What’s happening?
Zeppo: We’re deciding if we want to rescue you.
Rey: I brought cookies!
C-3PO: I change my vote to yes.

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Published: Tuesday, 14 December, 2021; 01:11:04 PST.
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