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Episode 2086: The Lost Jedi


Lieutenant Caluan Ematt is a background character first seen in this scene of the movie. He is portrayed by Andrew Jack, a dialect and accent coach who worked on numerous films. Jack was the supervising dialect coach for the Lord of the Rings films and responsible for creating the Middle-earth accents and teaching them to the actors, as well as teaching them lines of dialogue in Elvish and Black Speech. He worked on the Star Wars sequel trilogy, providing dialect coaching to main actors and teaching actors lines in alien languages.

Jack died in March 2020, of COVID-19, one of the earliest notable victims of the pandemic.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I do wonder if Kanata will show up again. I'm guessing no at this point now, which is a shame. It also feels like a waste to just have him disappear without getting killed or saying goodbye. I also think I spy a Calamari alien there in the first panel. I wonder if that's meant to be Admiral Ackbar, but they probably won't be getting any comic lines to make that kind of call.

Hmmm. While I don't want to discount my "Nute supply-chain hack" idea as a possibility, that might be more expansive an implication than the GM would like in the game. Maybe it's a map of the Galaxy in the past? With enough time and new discoveries, an old map wouldn't be in standard or look like any new maps. That would also have the remote bonus of being something the movie could use as plot. A useless map still seems less likely for the movie than a map showing a route through lots of dangers. That'd even be good discussion fodder for the Kessel Run line again!

Huh, I wonder why the Jedi would have needed to keep a low profile. There weren't that many left I thought after Episode III, and even with the time-skip, having a lot of Jedi again so soon would feel rather odd. I suppose the First Order would have had to have been around for a while to build up their forces to the point they're at, but they still shouldn't have been a big enough threat when they first announced themselves that Luke couldn't have passed the information on to any of the people here.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


Zeppo: Luke is trying to tell us something.
Leia: How do you figure that?
Zeppo: Well, the map doesn’t tell us anything. Clearly that means it must be telling us something.
Chewbacca: Are you saying that the fact that the map is useless is important in itself?
BB-8: Yeah! Darth Kanata said the standard nav charts must be wrong.
C-3PO: Who’s Darth Kanata?
BB-8: Darth Kanata is... Didn’t he come with us?
GM: No. You last saw him during the battle on Takodana.
Leia: Now we’ve lost two Jedi?
Zeppo: Three, if you count Rey.
Caluan Ematt: {in background} Hmmm...
Kaydel Ko Connix: {in background} Ugh, Rey again. I could have been her.
Leia: Luke said the Jedi needed to keep a low profile for a while, but this is ridiculous.

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Published: Sunday, 12 December, 2021; 01:11:06 PST.
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