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Episode 2072: Actor Character


Acting badly is not the same as bad acting, if you get our meaning. It takes real skill to pretend to be a bad actor.

So if you ever get criticised for your (apparent) lack of roleplaying and improvisation skills during a game, just say that you're doing it deliberately. Everyone will think you're a genius.

(Until you play a character who is supposed to be able to act well...)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Alright then, I guess Finn is still somewhat trying to be a spy, at least in the comic. I don't think I can read that much about this being from the movie however, as the middle panels are:

  1. Really close to being the same with little room for actually talking, and
  2. Feature a character very unlikely to have developed Earthling intelligible speech since the original movies.

Hmmm. I can see comic-Finn having the plot thread stretched out a lot longer for jokes here, if only because I thought about it more and I really like the narrative idea of movie-Finn declaring he's actually turning Traitor here and then getting his butt kicked for the claim.

And I hope there's another scene of the shuttle departing; it would feel really odd to have the big show of the X-wings shooting lots of fighters down (including a specific highlight of one?) and then this ship just takes off and leaves without issue. I suppose that could be included easily in the comic with some text if the movie visuals were lackluster there, but would be like the complete opposite of what the movie has shown so far with all the impressive visuals.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


GM: Kylo reaches the shuttle and it departs.
Finn: Rey!!!
Finn: We... can’t follow them, right? There’ll be a whole First Order fleet guarding her.
Chewbacca: Yes. I daresay we need to come up with some other plan.
Finn: Right. Yeah. Of course we should try to rescue her. It’ll be really hard though.
Chewbacca: If I didn’t know better, I’d say you sound like you almost don’t want to rescue her.
Finn: Haha... I mean... Don’t be silly.
GM: Good roleplaying, Annie.
BB-8: That was terrible!
GM: She’s playing a character who is terrible at roleplaying.
BB-8: Wait—
Rey: Psssh. Some of us can do that easily.

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Published: Tuesday, 09 November, 2021; 01:11:03 PST.
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