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Episode 1827: Ranging Rover


In a setting with technology advanced enough to allow active sensing (e.g. radar or lidar), people should make use of it in situations where it makes sense. Too often it's overlooked, because regular people don't have very much experience with using it, and it doesn't really come to mind as an obvious thing to do. But in a military action, you can bet that opposing forces will be using such technology to scan areas and detect belligerents that might not be visible to people.

So in such a setting, make sure the villains use such tech. And if you're a player, be aware that the villains will probably be using it!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

So how did BB-8 get out of the ship so easily? I thought he had to be lifted up into the X-wing. Now, he's just on the ground, like he either teleported, or just opened the bottom trap door and fell without damage. Amazingly good mobility, this droid has.

And seriously, one person, versus a bunch of enemy troops? That would never work. But one person, plus one agent on the other side that somehow this one person knows will defect given the opportunity? Why, the back-stabbing - err, back-shooting, plus chaos, confusion, and plot contortions could conceivably cause calamitous continuity problems for the enemy troops.

It is entirely possible that one good soldier can manage to take out the entire collection of enemies. It's not like Obi-Wan didn't do it to the Jawas, or Anakin with one ship's guns, or Luke, or ...

Maybe a better question: Is there a movie yet in this series where it hasn't happened? Oh yea - V, where the good guys basically lost more than they won.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I hadn't considered the parallels between Episode IV and VII until I read Keybounce's comments, but this really does look like we might be rolling in that direction. There's a group being attacked by an overwhelming force, the non-mook characters are getting split up and soon to be killed or captured, and now we have the only robot so far running off with some important information. Corey, I think this might be the time at which you get to experience the failure of your party, first hand. At least, those of your teammates while you run away into the desert, which you'll want to be doing right about two rounds ago. If you can tell they're looking at you, running away to hide is a great idea unless there's a reason to try tracking everyone and everything involved. Then you'll need to cover your tracks and a rolly-ball line in the sand is not the easiest thing to brush away with no hands.

That all said, stealing an enemy ship to run away in would be pretty sweet. There's a lot of things you can do when the enemy thinks you're them, as long as you can convince them that everything is fine. BB-8 could definitely play the part of an automated drive and repair system for a dropship if he can sneak in without being scanned or spotted. And with Poe attempting to blow up his X-wing, that would make for a great distraction for the troopers and possibly blind the sensors for a few precious moments as well.

Well, Poe looked like he was trying to rig something there anyway; Bria/Jyn back in Butch Cassian/Rogue One was the one that had trouble putting laser guns down and definitely not Jim, right?


BB-8: While you create a diversion, I’ll head out of the village and circle around behind the drop ships.
Poe: Good idea!
BB-8: Do I detect scanning radiation?
GM: <roll> Your sensors pick up active E.M. scanners.
{BB-8 starts heading away form the village}
BB-8: Effective range?
GM: <roll> You estimate a few hundred metres.
BB-8: All right, this’ll take a few turns to approach without being spotted.
Poe: I’ll have them defeated by then!
BB-8: Yes... this is just on the minuscule chance that you don’t singlehandedly overwhelm a dozen trooper squads.

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Published: Thursday, 16 April, 2020; 03:11:16 PDT.
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