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Episode 1530: TPK Does Amazing Things


Nice to see Corey has his innocence and naïveté intact. That was always his most endearing feature.

This... almost seems like a setup to a flashback. Is Rogue One actually the adventure they ran before A New Hope? I don't think I'd mind that actually. Especially if it means I get to see Jim's longevity-challenged characters.

I think I might mind it if it all ends up in sepia though, so maybe not. Perhaps a flashback that leads into the Rogue One campaign?

The GM has been pretty silent thus far. Like a predator, coiled up and ready to pounce... and/or start a new campaign.

— aurilee

One of the more interesting points in blogging here is that the strips call back to earlier points in the story. And this gives me a very interesting option. I can either make comments from my inaccurate memory, and come across as an idiot; or, I get to necro-bump all sorts of forum threads while asking questions. This allows me to try to appear intelligent on these blog comments, as well as being generally chaotic on the forums.

This strip is looking at Corey, as well as the sessions before Corey joined the game. It mentions that there were TPK's before he joined. The only explicit reference to a TPK that I could find was at the beginning of episode four, when Princess was captured by Vader, and only the droids got out. (Although I suppose the session after the droid factory, with everyone captured, probably counts as well. And ... well, Anakin did a good job against all the Jedi. And campaign 3 really did end with "everyone go into hiding". And ...). And of course the classic TPK adventure, Tomb of Horrors. (Yes, you can survive the Tomb. Equip your characters with a month of iron rations, bring your spell books, camp out and recover/switch out your spells as needed, and don't assume that what you think is a one-way passage is in fact a one-way passage. Oh, and have a good sense of when some treasure looks too likely to be cursed and leave it untouched.)

As a blogger here, I get to leave my thoughts for everyone to see. We are talking about an adventure that is "it was... Different". We are talking about the adventure that apparently took more than one character per player. We're talking about a campaign where "Since roleplaying is kind of cooperative storytelling, the party should never fail, right?"

We're talking about a campaign where the party fails, loses more than one character per person, resembles a total party kill, and is different from other role-playing games. On the basis of these two paragraphs, I'm going to say that it was a campaign of Paranoia. I'm going to say that they had to do something to account for the characters dying by something as silly as bringing in their identical twin cousin (Thank you, Colbert) just to keep the characters going.

Well, the only problem with that idea is that they did manage to prevail in the end. Prevail against our Friend, The Computer?

— Keybounce


Sally: Corey ran an awesome adventure for us in the past year.
Jim: Cool.
Corey: Yeah, I learnt a lot.
GM: It was... different.
Ben: Thankfully we managed to prevail in the end.
Corey: I was going to ask about that. Since roleplaying is kind of cooperative storytelling, the party should never fail, right?
Pete: Ohhhh... my sweet summer child.
Sally: You should have seen the sessions we played to get the Peace Moon plans before you joined the game.
Pete: T.P.K.
Corey: What?
Jim: Total Party Kill.
Corey: No, what does it really stand for?
Pete: What he said. In the good old days, T.P.K.s were an even bet for any given adventure.
Jim: Tomb of Horrors, man...
Pete: At least the Tomb only claimed one of our characters each.

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Published: Thursday, 03 August, 2017; 03:17:41 PDT.
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