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Episode 5: Search and Destroy


What else would any roleplayer do when placed in a room of any description?

The punchline needs no explanation for the veteran gamers out there. For the two of you reading this who aren't:

Tomb of Horrors is one of the all-time classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules. It is, in the true sense of the word, infamous for being one of the most devious and impossibly difficult adventures ever written. Not only is it chock full of incredibly deadly monsters and unforgivingly lethal deathtraps, but in many cases the encounters and traps are triggered for no readily apparent reason, and cannot reasonably be avoided even by players exercising extreme caution. Anyone who has ever played this adventure has had characters die horribly in the Tomb.

You'd think this would make the Tomb of Horrors unpopular. On the contrary, it is regarded as one of the greatest D&D adventures ever published, which just goes to show you the mentality of many of the DMs who ran it. It's so popular that Wizards of the Coast revised it and released a version for 3.5 Edition D&D, which you can download for free to torment your current players.


Obi-Wan: So, we're just sitting in a room, waiting for these Trade Federation dudes to talk to us?
GM: Right.
Qui-Gon: We search the room.
GM: What?
Qui-Gon: We search the room. Anything valuable?
GM: It's a waiting room! You're ambassadors!
Qui-Gon: Well what do you want us to do? There's not even anyone to talk to except a butler robot.
GM: "Protocol droid". And what about some in-character conversation?
Qui-Gon: "Say Obi-Wan, how about we search the room?"
GM: Oh for crying out... Suddenly you hear a loud explosion!
Obi-Wan: We draw our swords!
GM: And poison gas starts filling the room!
Qui-Gon: Oh god, it's Tomb of Horrors all over again.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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