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Episode 1826: Spit Metal Flaw Plan


Having nothing to lose is a good motivation for trying anything. It's a good way to make a villain implacable and unpredictable. Simply give your main villain some reason to not care if they die.

Perhaps they have a terminal disease and are going to die soon anyway. Perhaps they have given up on life because of irreparable emotional trauma. All the better if the heroes were the cause of that trauma - they killed (perhaps inadvertently, or by omission) the villain's most loved relative or paramour.

Perhaps they are mentally unstable and think they can't be killed.

Perhaps they can't be killed. The villain is immortal and has seen so much tragedy and passing of loved ones that they're ready to die, but are frustrated by their immortality. So they lash out at anything and everything without inhibition.

The enemy who has nothing to lose can be truly terrifying.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

...Aaaand there's two doomed players now. Maybe the GM will be generous and have the troopers try capturing Poe and Lor first, to give them a chance at lasting more than 10 minutes into the game. Good persuasion by Corey on Jim though. And that's definitely a small flaw in my book too. Telling someone's character what happened is never quite as good as having them experience things first hand. They might even think you made it up!

Also, physical storage is a heck of a lot better method of data transfer for mysterious discs. Assuming BB can't access the chip from that little drawer, then time can be spent later when they're not getting shot at to properly go over the data to ensure there's no viruses/trojans/Nute on it. And if there's a ton of data, then handing an item over would be just a single action as well, versus however many the GM says it would be. R2 took a long time to download the Peace Moon plans, though he was probably also downloading Nute at the same time. Never underestimate the bandwidth of sneaker-net.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

And here we have the 100% confirmation that this character is supposed to die. Yep, no chance of survival. Nope, nada, zilch. Why, if something were to happen to keep this character alive, then that would probably destroy everything the GM has planned.

So I'm now betting he lives despite all evidence to the contrary.

A universal data port with 6 lights visible, and what looks like another 2 hidden by the angle? Even allowing for each pin to be lit, that's 8 pins. Interfaces are moving to fewer and fewer pins, and higher transitions per second per pin, because it turns out to be very hard to keep parallel lines in synch.

On the other hand, I just counted. My Lightning connecter is also 8 pins. And that's not unidirectional - which means the movie connector is actually a dual-sided 4 pin connector. That's just fine. Modern USB that can be flipped.

Hmm. Light-ning. Has Apple conquered this distant galaxy? Is this where Steve Jobs came from?

And don't worry. While Pete and Sally's characters may not be here, the players are, and the legends of your awesomeness will be told, just like a panda talking to a crane and cricket.


BB-8: I’ve got an idea. Poe, give me the chip.
Poe: But I’ll be doomed.
BB-8: Yes. And if you’re doomed, you’ve got nothing to lose, right?
Poe: That’s true!
BB-8: So you can go full metal on these troopers without risking anything.
{beat, Poe considers}
{Poe gets the chip out its leather pouch and gives it to BB-8}
Poe: I do see one small flaw in this plan.
BB-8: Oh? What?
Poe: Pete and Sally’s characters aren’t here to see how awesome this is going to be!

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Published: Tuesday, 14 April, 2020; 03:11:13 PDT.
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