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Episode 1674: Royal Flush


Side quests often have a way of turning into the thing that you spend the most time doing, and consequently "main" quests can turn into the thing that you mostly ignore.

If this happens to your adventure, try having some minor NPC henchmen or sidekicks perform the main mission. You could either have them do it completely off-screen, and report back to the PCs, or for greater fun you could have the players play the sidekicks and send them on the main mission. This gives the players a chance to tackle a dangerous mission with less powerful characters! Fun for all!

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

So we see the origin of the "Princess" name for the first time (I believe).

I am not surprised that it's the result of a quick-thinking-Jim moment, but I had been hoping that maybe it came from Sally, or Annie herself if Jim started to rub off on her.

And speaking of rubbing off, I can see Sally is picking up on Pete's rules-lawyering here. The best kind of rules-lawyering.

— Keybounce

The GM is letting us know that the "side quest to Polis Massa" was supposed to be the main quest. Wasn't that just getting rid of Padmé's birthing facility?

Reviewing the comics shows that Mon Mothma mentions this facility multiple times, and mentions that intelligence has identified it as important, all of this before the PCs start going into crazy "let's talk to Jar-Jar and have one character tell themselves what we're going to do next" talk.

So yeah. All the way back to 1638. This is a long side trip/side quest. Almost as long as some of the Order of the Stick's side quests.

— aurilee


GM: {present day} And Jim's side quest to Polis Massa - that was meant to be the main quest - happened at the same time as this.
K-2SO: It's silly for Jim to have a session on his own. We have other characters too! Are any of mine at the base?
Chirrut: Threepio and Artoo would be there! They're with Bail Organa!
GM: Uh... okay.
C-3PO: And Annie can play Bail's daughter!
R2-D2: What was her name again?
Bail Organa: Ooh! I remember! It was Princess.
GM: That's—
Leia: A very lovely name, Dad.
Ben: {present day} I thought the whole point of this adventure was to not use your old characters while I was away.
Pete: Two of them were technically new.
Sally: The best sort of new.

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Published: Thursday, 05 July, 2018; 03:11:01 PDT.
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