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Episode 1638: Me, Myself, and I, and Yours Truly, the Royal We, the Perpendicular Pronoun, and None Other


When providing background information about events that PCs have been involved in, it's often a good idea to remind the players more or less subtly that they were involved in those events. Probably less subtly.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

When someone is playing more than one character at one time, there's always the possibility that they will get that extra vote in to encourage the party to do what they want to do. As a GM, what are you supposed to do?

Well, one option is to just let them have the extra vote. After all, the other players will be aware of horrible disastrous ideas.

In this case, they want to consider going to Toprawa to get the Peace Moon plans, and they want to go to Polis Massa to stage an ambush. Last time, they were talking about splitting up and doing two missions.

But now? Both of Jim's characters want to do the same thing. If you're running two characters, and they're doing different things, no problem. If they're doing the same thing?

Well, it really depends on the party, and on the players. If the players are okay with it, it might not be a problem.

Heck, I've run four characters at once in a single party. Of course, I was the only player. (And I took my spell books in with me. And 30 days worth of rations. And I had a cleric to cast summon food and water. Etc. I wasn't going to let a big pile of traps stop me, and I could go as slow and methodical as I wanted since I didn't have another player to bother me.)

— Keybounce

Mon Mothma! The whole gang is here! I missed my favourite valley girl.

Are we sure Sally never got to talk to herself? I'm almost certain Jar Jar got to talk to Yoda or Threepio. I mean, Yoda definitely did talk to himself at some point, possibly even on-screen, but I'm sure Sally's characters interacted at least once.

[Ed.: Actually, yes, we're pretty sure about this. Jar Jar and Yoda have interacted, but Yoda was played by the GM at the time. (If we're wrong, we're sure someone will let us know.)]

— aurilee


Cassian: All right. We know one mission is to find Toprawa and get the Peace Moon plans.
Mon Mothma: Oh em gee. We've like, got some fresh goss from Wedge. Some high-ranking Imperial agents are, like, heading to Polis Massa, or whatever.
Cassian: Polis Massa?
General Dodonna: If you turn to page 23 of your briefing notes, you will observe the full technical specifications for the medical facility, located on asteroid 347 of the Polis Massa planetary debris field, Subterrel sector.
GM: Bail, you've been there. It's where Padmé gave birth.
Bail Organa: Ooh! That's where Padmé gave birth!
Cassian: Hmmm...
Bria: We should totally go there!
K-2SO: Why does Jim get to play two characters?
GM: Well, technically you're still playing Jar Jar. You just got bored of him. And C-3PO, who we've put on hold. Uh... and Yoda.
Chirrut: And Jocasta Nu, and Dex.
K-2SO: Oh yeah. And Taun We, on Kamino.
K-2SO: But I never got to talk to myself!
Chirrut: I bet Yoda did...

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Published: Thursday, 12 April, 2018; 03:11:01 PDT.
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