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Episode 1620: How Could You Leave Me When I Needed to Possess You?


Explosions leave craters. Dont forget to modify the area where any large explosion takes place, to make it Difficult or even Hazardous Terrain. Exposed and twisted bits of metal can trip anyone who tries to run across such an area. Weakened structures can collapse when the weight of a person stands on them.

Basically, an explosion should be only the beginning of danger to a group of PCs.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Yes, let's steal Krennic's ship. We came to this place to get weapons. Krennic's ship is likely to have the best available weapons at this point. That's a great plan.

Of course, it relies on being able to find another ship, been able to overpower the better armed ship, and being able to catch up to his ship.

Sure looks like his ship has really good engines.

Meanwhile, there looks to be a large number of people running around on that platform. This looks like it will have a high death toll, without any way to evacuate most of the people over there.

Sure seems like these Rebels are evil terrorists. Destroying a military base, killing ordinary workers, etc. - the Imperial spin on this attack will be wonderful to watch on... What is the long ago and far, far away equivalent of "Fox"?

— Keybounce

As silly as Jim's suggestion seems at first blush, it's actually pretty sensible.

Presumably Krennic's ship is not only better equipped than some other random ship in the hangar, but also probably has some good intel in whatever logs or communications may be stored onboard. Not to mention information related to clearances or access codes.

Unless there is no other ship, in which case our heroes are sort of doomed.

— aurilee


Cassian: I head down to the platform as fast as I can.
GM: Krennic heads to his ship.
K-2SO: Ooh! We could steal that!
GM: He boards and flies off.
GM: Bria, you're blown back by the exhaust and <roll>... fall into a blast hole. Dex roll.
[SFX]: Whooooosh!!
[SFX]: sliiide...
Bria: 11.
GM: You grab on and narrowly avoid plunging to the cliff base below.
Bria: I climb up! Can I grab onto Krennic's ship?
GM: No, it's not even within blaster range.
Bria: Dang.
K-2SO: I guess we can't steal that now.
Bria: No, we steal another ship, chase him, and then steal his ship!

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Published: Thursday, 01 March, 2018; 02:11:01 PST.
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