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Episode 1621: Bow to Fate


Dogfights are cool, even if they make no sense. Laser bows are cool, even if they make no sense.

In fact, there seems to be a general correlation of things not making sense and being cool. How about running with that and just adopting everything that makes no sense as working in your game world? You'd end up with some sort of Bizarro campaign world - but imagine how fun that would be?

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Is there anything cooler than a blind monk shooting down a spaceship with a laser bow?

No, no there is not.

I have nothing else to say. Except that Pete is my hero.

— aurilee

Blind and ranged weapons isn't so inherently problematic. I'm sure Toph could handle a bow, if she was aiming at somebody walking on the ground, and had a little training. Of course, this is in the air.

Remember GMs, a disadvantage that isn't a disadvantage is not worth any points. Simply saying that your other body is going to shoot instead doesn't make it a disadvantage.

But hitting at range on a six? How overpowered is this character - right, it's a Pete character.

So that one small ship is able to crash into the base. There's no point defense guns, there's no shields, hold on - there's no shields. We've seen shield generators in installations all over the place before. Why would you have a major secure facility, where weapons are developed, where fighter ships exist because you expect to have to defend yourself from attack, and have no shields?

Just how incompetent are we expected to believe this Empire is?

— Keybounce


GM: Rebel and Imperial fighters engage in a dogfight over the base.
[SFX]: vreeow...
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
Chirrut: I shoot at a TIE fighter with my laser bow.
Cassian: You're blind, but you can use ranged weapons?
Chirrut: Empathic Link.
{Baze spots for Chirrut}
Chirrut: I roll a 6.
[SFX]: Pow!
[SFX]: Boom! {he hits a TIE fighter}
[SFX]: vreeeeeow... {which careens out of control}
TIE Pilot: Just my luck! A single bullet, and it has to go and cut the main ignition lead!
[SFX]: vreeeeeeeooooow... {the TIE fighter crashes into the Imperial weapons facility}
[SFX]: Kraboom!!!

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Published: Sunday, 04 March, 2018; 02:11:02 PST.
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