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Episode 1619: Occupational Stealth & Strafety Violation


Of course sprinting around while explosions are happening and people are shooting every which way is perfectly safe for action heroes. When most people would be ducking for cover, the True Hero strides boldly into the action, taking out mooks with single shots, while machine gun fire sprays everywhere except in the precise volume of space occupied by the hero's body. Plot armour at its finest.

This is what happens in movies, anyway. In games, there might be a modicum more reality - so don't do this. (But not necessarily - some games even have explicit rules for this sort of cinematic hero invulnerability. Do make sure you check first before leaving cover, though.)

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

There's something about that last frame that makes me feel so bad for K-2. It's like that look your dog gets when it made a mess and it knows it's a bad dog but it's really, really sorry and doesn't being cute make up for everything?

This begs the questions about how they will be getting off this planet. Presumably there are other hangars elsewhere (unless this is a small facility), but they're probably going to be more difficult to get to with everything on high alert.

I predict a secret underground something-or-other that they find, or maybe Bodhi gets them out somehow?

— aurilee

Well, shoot. <blam>.

I had, "just leave us, we'll find another way off".

Instead, it's "come and get us, we don't have another way off".

I love that last panel screenshot.

So what happens next? Jim still has a third character to run, and we've got another planet to visit. Of course, this is the big special-effects scene, combat, etc. - this looks like the climax of the original movie.

Still, there is that adjusted challenge rating encounter yet to come. So this is probably the halfway point, like getting away from the Death Star in Episode IV, or the end of the pod race in Episode I.

I wonder what the data infiltration into the ultra-secure archives will be like? If it's ultra-secure against hacking, is also secure against an orbital strike or air assault?

Oh, I just realized. That will be an ocean planet. Data hacking into an ultra-secure archive - Ocean's 13?

— Keybounce


GM: The Rebel fighters strafe the landing platform. <roll> <roll>
[SFX]: pow!
GM: An explosion scatters Krennic, Galen, and the troopers.
Bria: That looks like a Stealth failure to me! Is my dad still alive?
GM: Looks like he's wounded.
Bria: I sprint over so I can kill him!
GM: There's chaos all around as workers and troops flee the explosions on the platform.
K-2SO: All right!
Cassian: K! Can't we for once do a stealth mission without everything blowing up?
K-2SO: I called for backup like you said!
Cassian: Did you also call for transport off this rock given we've probably just destroyed all the hangars?
{beat, K-2S0 looking guilty}

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Published: Tuesday, 27 February, 2018; 02:11:01 PST.
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