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Episode 1587: Electro-Magnetic Personality


If your Charisma is high enough, people actually just swarm around you in the streets offering up gifts and asking you to kiss/sign/have their babies.

So basically, Kyle's a rock star...

... with electric boots!

I now fully expect a mohair suit to make an appearance in the near future.

— aurilee

There are a bunch of things to say about this episode.

Let's start with the one that seems the least important. Disney re-writes stuff. They pretty much have to. The copyright law of the USA limits them.

The old extended universe basically said that certain things happened to certain characters. back when Episode 4 was being done, The old Extended Universe stories gave characters and situations that could be used as Jim’s previous characters. Now, however, Disney has rewritten those stories; The result is this disaster that we see in this episode.

If you are a GM, never do what we see in this episode. The GM had a plan for this session, for this campaign. That plan included a nearby city being blown up, and this base being obliterated.

Do not have a character that is not only not mobile, but also cannot be moved in a base that you are planning to blow up and destroy.

Non-mobile is okay. Somebody who has to be carried, perhaps in a wheelchair, because all their points are in mental abilities is one thing; somebody who has a disadvantage when out of their lair is okay. Someone who cannot even be moved out of the base that is going to be destroyed is just being a bad GM.

I have not read the EU stories. I am assuming that what we see here is not what happened in the original EU, and it only occurs because of Disney's rewrite.

Now, in panel one we see “the ground hurtling towards you”. This is the point when Jim should point out that realistically, it is way too late for the players. If you can see the ground coming towards you like this you're already too close to the debris to get away. This should be the first of what seems to be several character wipes. (but then, we could say the same thing about being that close to Lava…)

But that they are using these screencaps indicates that this scene actually happens in the movie. We have this giant wave of crumbling mountain right on top of the players, and they somehow survived.

Disney should really hire Jim as a realism and rock consultant.

The last two panels are interesting. One possibility of what's happening is that his minions are running in to grab him pick him up and carry him out. This is the wheelchair option; he has purchased Charisma and minions with his character points, they are going to carry him, and his legs won't work; it will be as if he was in a wheelchair. If this is happening, then good GM.

Or, they could be yelling this as they run away, which was my impression on the first reading of this comic.

That they might actually be running towards him to pick him up and carry him ( have we ever seen an actual wheel in this universe?) is an idea that just came to me now.

— Keybounce


GM: You make it outside the fortress. You look up and see the ground hurtling towards you.
[SFX]: rumble... rumble... RUMBLE...
[SFX]: clank
[SFX]: clank
Kyle: By the way, does anyone have an extension cord?
Chirrut: Uh, why?
Kyle: My legs won't work without mains power. I can't leave the fortress.
Chirrut: Why would you take a limitation like that?!
Kyle: You should see my Charisma!
Partisan 1: {racing back into the fortress} We're not leaving you, Kyle!
Partisan 2: We'll guard you!
Partisans 3, 4, 5: We love you, Kyle!

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Published: Thursday, 14 December, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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