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<     Episode 1586: Rumble & Clank: The Whole Kit on Danuta     >

Episode 1586: Rumble & Clank: The Whole Kit on Danuta


Getting lost is such an adventure-filled experience that many games have explicit rules for deciding when a group of PCs loses their way and doesn't know where they are. Also a good excuse to roll out the random wandering monster tables!

Of course, if players do silly things and take precautions like hiring a guide, travelling slowly and mapping their progress, or following a river, you can just have them be captured and blindfolded by bandits.

As much as the normal advice is, "don't split the party", here we see the benefit of splitting the party. You can have a backup that will come in and rescue you.

Don't do this in Paranoia. Your backup will just report to the computer that everyone else was destroyed, and new clones will be dispatched.

Meanwhile, I'm realizing that the Empire has to test fire the weapon. If their goal is to use fear of the peace moon to keep the local population in line, they have to be able say something like, "you remember what happened to the Danuta Plateau, don't you?"

In a space–Italian accent, of course.

— Keybounce

It's always hard to call for a ride when you don't actually know where you are.

In RPGs, this is most common after breaking out of some sort of prison or other mysterious location that you were taken to while blindfolded, locked in a box, or below deck in a ship. In this case you can send up a flare (magical or otherwise), or describe some landmarks that would be visible from a distance.

In real life, this is most common after a long night of partying and/or trusting your friend to take you to some cool spot in the woods that would apparently be a great place to have a picnic and hang out for the day, but now it's getting dark and you think that rock looks familiar but you're not sure and at this point you just want to go home and you start wondering why you bother to have friends with no sense of direction... In this case you call your friend with the ATV and tell them to follow the sound of a bunch of 15 year olds arguing.

— aurilee


Cassian: Bria! What are you doing? Get up!
[SFX]: rumble...
GM: She's been occupied looking through the data files while you lot were talking out of character.
Cassian: Come on! Let's go!
Cassian: {into radio} K! We need a ride out of here!
K-2SO: Cassian! Where are you?
[SFX]: rumble...
Cassian: Uh... somewhere outside of Jedha.
K-2SO: Outside the epicentre, copy. On my way, but I'll need a more precise location.
Kyle: There's no time to waste. Full speed to the doorway!
[SFX]: rumble...
[SFX]: clank
Bria: What's happening?
[SFX]: clank
Kyle: They blew up Jedha.
[SFX]: clank
Bria: Which bit?
[SFX]: rumble...
Kyle: All the bits. The whole Danuta Plateau!
[SFX]: rumble...
[SFX]: clank
[SFX]: clank
[SFX]: clank

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Published: Tuesday, 12 December, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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