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Episode 1585: Critical Escape


You gotta free the fellow prisoner who was in the cell before you when you got tossed in. Everyone knows that prisoner, no matter how scruffy looking, is going to be a plot-relevant NPC later on. And if you let them out, they'll help you later, much like Androcles and the Lion.

Any GM worth their salt can see where this is going.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Androcles and the Other Lion? I thought not. It's not a story that other GMing advice articles would tell you. Androcles was a man so powerful and wise, that one day when he encountered a lion with a thorn in its foot, he stopped and removed the thorn, thus helping the poor beast. As soon as it was relieved of the painful thorn, the lion ripped Androcles' face off.

Answer: not far enough.

Okay I suppose if you have a volcanic eruption of molten lava, boiled away water table, etc., then maybe the player characters won't bother to go back and search.

— Keybounce

Does Terminator exist in this universe? I assume that it does, unless the lack of Star Wars actually destroys all hope of having sci-fi blockbusters.

Good to see Baze here helping out. He doesn't have much to do in the talky-scenes unfortunately.

Given how quick and seamless the transition is here between Pete agreeing to free the other prisoner and Baze getting right to it, I'd say their "psychic communication" is likely of the "I instantly know what you're thinking/feeling" variety and not of the "I'll think full sentences at you" variety.

Which, naturally, is the most helpful form of telepathy, since it's so efficient. And Pete is nothing if not efficient.

— aurilee


GM: The building shudders. Cassian: the guards run off to investigate.
[SFX]: rumble... rumble... rumble...
Guard 1: {background voice} Hey! That was a 20!
Guard 2: {background voice} It rolled under the table over there!
Cassian: I wave my hand at the lock that Wedge rigged.
[SFX]: Boom! zzzt!
GM: You're free. Your gear is outside the cell.
Cassian: Come on! This is no earthquake. We should let the Imperial agent out too.
[SFX]: rumble...
Chirrut: But he's an Imperial agent!
Cassian: Just do it, we need to move!
Chirrut: Okay, fine.
[SFX]: rumble...
[SFX]: Bang! {Baze blasts Bodhi's bastille}
Cassian: Come with us if you want to live!
Bodhi: First they throw me in a cell, then each other into the next cell, then they break me out.
Bodhi: These Rebels are crazy!

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Published: Sunday, 10 December, 2017; 02:11:01 PST.
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