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Episode 1588: Cardinal Indirections


Often when players ask the GM random questions the answer doesn't really matter, because they're concentrating on little irrelevant details. In such cases, you can get away with making stuff up, or even rolling randomly:

But not always:

So the first thing I notice is that Îmwe and Baze are trying to sense the shock wave and determine the distance to the epicenter. But they are standing right next to each other. If you have two antennae picking up a signal, and the antennae are right next to each other, it is effectively only a single antenna. To benefit from triangulation, they have to be far apart.

Beyond that, the GM uses the standard rule of, "when in doubt roll a die". Unfortunately, the GM has some fairly techie people as players.

Surprisingly, there is no sign of the ground rising up to meet them in these screencaps.

Somehow, it seems to me (if I understand the diagram correctly) that they are assuming that East and West is based on rise and set in the same way that it is on Earth.

Now, if the heat level coming off of the explosion is that high, how bright is the light coming off of that explosion? Is there any harmful radiation coming off of the explosion? Will they have to worry about cancer a few years down the line?

— Keybounce

When building a setting or world, it helps to get every minutiae worked out beforehand, lest your players poke holes in it or talk you into a corner.

So, to ensure that you're fully prepared for the upcoming campaign, ask yourself the simple question of "What's the least important thing in my new world?"

If you can answer the question, check that there's nothing more unimportant you can add, then make sure you can fully explain said unimportant thing in complete detail.

If you can't think of anything unimportant, first check that you're definitely the GM and not a PC, then go create as much unimportant stuff as possible.

— aurilee


Cassian: K! Are you there? Can you see us?
K-2SO: That's a positive!
K-2SO: And then a negative.
Chirrut: We need our location. Baze and I sense the shock waves and triangulate distance from the epicentre.
GM: <roll> Okay, you're 5.6 kilometres from the city.
Chirrut: Cool, now I feel the direction of the heat of the sun on my face.
GM: You feel the heat of a thousand and one suns. Most of which are the explosion.
Chirrut: Hmm. Guys, where's the sun? No, wait, which direction are our shadows pointing?
GM: As you exit towards the explosion, your shadows are <roll>... on the left.
Chirrut: It's late afternoon... so according to my sketch we're west of the city
Kyle: But I saw the eclipse of the sun directly over Danuta. So we must be east of the city.
GM: Um...
Kyle: The planet must rotate retrograde!
GM: Er, yeah. That.
Kyle: No, wait. Then east would be west and west would be east...
Chirrut: Oh, they're obviously using a left-handed longitude system.

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Published: Sunday, 17 December, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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