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<     Episode 1560: Looking for Fights in All the Wrong Places     >

Episode 1560: Looking for Fights in All the Wrong Places


NPCs should be clever too. Of course they'll wait for the best time to attack the PCs - when it appears that their defences are down or the best fighters are missing or out of action.

Unless they're ninjas, in which case they need to attack the heroes when they're fully prepared for battle, and attack in relentless waves of one ninja at a time, only sending in an additional ninja when the previous one is incapacitated. It's traditional, and ninjas are if anything big on tradition.

For some reason, I don't feel at all worried for Chirrut. This seems like only a minor setback for someone so epic.

Cassian might need some help though. I'm pretty sure he's this group's damsel-in-distress. I hope Annie breathes some life into him soon.

On the other hand, Cassian does look like he has a plan or is about to do something. Will he finally have a purpose? Will he prove himself useful? Can he actually fight?

Or that's just a look of "Seriously? We're on the same side dude."

— aurilee

We go from, "Ok it's your combat round" to "we're back in noncombat". Bad GM. Don't mislead your players like that.

"Now that combat droid is out of the way" - we have some intelligence. From the NPCs.

The monk just sits there, calmly. Either his sighting is strictly visual from his familiar, in which case not noticing them is acceptable; or his awareness is from touching the ground, in which case he must have known this was coming. If so, whose side is he on?

Some GMs will permit characters that are not aligned with the rest of the party. Some GMs are happy to allow one person to have as their goal the delivery of the entire party to an evil organization. Some GMs will happily set things up so that the players are opposed to each other. And in games where this is the goal, the idea, this works. Games where you know that one of the players is a mole, or even games were all of the other players are against you. Like Paranoia.

But in general? No. Keep all your players on the same goal. Keep your players working together.

And I'm assuming that the familiar is also being gunned down here, along with Bria. Just because we don't see their bodies...

— Keybounce


GM: Okay, it's your combat round, K-2SO.
K-2SO: Are there any troopers left?
GM: Uh, no.
K-2SO: I'll prepare a Ready action, in case there are any more hostiles.
GM: There aren't. We're back in non-combat turns.
K-2SO: Oh. Well that's boring. I'll head back to the ship.
Cassian: Can you give us a hand with these cuffs first?
[SFX]: uncuff
K-2SO: Hopefully someone will ambush me on the way.
K-2SO: Bye! {K-2SO runs off}
Benthic: Now that combat droid is out of the way...
[SFX]: klik klik klik klik klik klik klik {mercenaries appear and aim weapons at Cassian and Chirrut (and Bria and Baze)}

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Published: Thursday, 12 October, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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