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Episode 1548: Stun of a Gun


If you're going to take cover, try taking cover behind something innocuous like a tree or a wall. As opposed to an armed vehicle. That belongs to the other side.

Actually, another good tip is to avoid combat with two other sides, both of them potentially considering you an enemy.

When setting your phaser to stun still kills somebody, it's either a tragedy to mourn or just the coolest thing ever.

Although if you're in the Stargate universe, it's really easy to accidentally kill someone instead of stunning them. You just have to hit them one too many times.

Cassian doesn't seem to have a lot of combat experience. I'm starting to think he really is just a pilot. And not one of those science fiction "I'm a pilot which also means I'm really good at fighting and shooting and hand-to-hand combat" kind of pilots.

In contrast, Bria has so far been able to think quickly on her feet, assess a tactical situation and correctly determine why people were shooting guns. We don't know much about her past yet, but from what we've seen, I'd guess she's been in combat situations before, and has considerable experience in the Rebellion.

Speaking of the Rebellion... isn't it plausible that the people attacking an Imperial convoy are Rebels? This could come back to bite Cassian and Bria in the butt.

— aurilee

Stun weapons? Stun Weapons?!?

We've seen a stun weapon once in Star Wars, in the famous Capture The Princess scene. In Da&Dr? #681/#685 make no mention of Princess being captured with a stun weapon. (Although, in fairness, I loved re-reading that scene knowing this was her mother.)

But as I look at the size of that thing—the explosion in the last panel—I cannot help but wonder what normal grenades are like in this world.

Meanwhile, not only are they talking to each other in panel 1 despite being who knows how far apart, somehow Bria manages to get trapped next to the tank. Is this another example of the escort NPC trying to get killed off? It's not "If Bria dies, nothing is lost". That's mission failure, and re-load from last save.

Seriously though: Bria's mission is to avoid attracting attention, and contact someone for the Rebellion. Here she is, attracting as much attention as possible.

I don't know. If this was Groot, I'd be wondering if she was a plant.

— Keybounce


Cassian: There are too many combatants, someone's going to get killed.
[SFX]: Kaboom!
Bria: That's probably the idea!
Cassian: I'll start stunning them.
[SFX]: Pow! {Cassian stuns a trooper}
[SFX]: crumble! {a building collapses}
[SFX]: Kaboom!
GM: Bria is forced to take cover near the tank.
Bria: Cassian! Shoot that guy on the roof!
Cassian: What guy?
Bria: Him! He's going to grenade the tank!
Cassian: Damn. No choice.
[SFX]: Pow!
[SFX]: fall... fall...
[SFX]: Ka-boom!
Pete: That was one of the best uses of a stun weapon ever.

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Published: Thursday, 14 September, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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